The Burning (Guardians Of Ga'hoole #6)

by Kathryn Lasky

Paperback, 2004



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Scholastic (2004), Edition: First Edition, 224 pages


Fantasy. Juvenile Fiction. HTML: Soren and his band are sent to the mysterious Northern Kingdoms to gather allies and learn the art of war in preparation for the coming cataclysmic battle against the sinister Pure Ones. Meanwhile, in the Southern Kingdoms, St. Aggies has fallen to the Pure Ones and they are using its resources to plan a final invasion of The Great Ga'Hoole Tree. With the future of all Owldom in the balance, the parliament of Ga'Hoole must decide whether or not to join forces with the brutal Skench and Spoorn and the scattered remnants of St. Aggies who remain faithful to them. The coming conflagration will demand wisdom, bravery, and sacrifice from all the owls of the great tree, and from Soren and the band, nothing less than heroism..… (more)


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224 p.; 5.25 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member picolina
A good continuing to the saga, where the band goes to the Northern Kingdoms for the first time. Great book for children and YAs who enjoy the series.
LibraryThing member The_Hibernator
This is the sixth book of the Guardians of Ga’hoole. In this book, Soren and his buddies go to the Northern Kingdoms to recruit fighters for an upcoming battle with the Pure Ones. As far as I’m concerned, this book really completes the story as we knew it from the first five books, and Lasky
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could have stopped here without much loss. (I’m not a fan of LONG series—I have a short attention span.) I will try to continue reading the rest of the books, though. Perhaps they are worth it. This one certainly was as good as the previous five.
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LibraryThing member TnTexas
Six books in and it seems that we've finally reached the end of the first act. (I say that because the summary for the next book sounds like we'll be shifting gears quite a bit.) This book was better than the last two in that it didn't feel like major chunks of the ending had been edited out, but I
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feel like the story that has been told so far has been dragged on longer than necessary and could have easily been told in 3 or 4 books instead of 6. Still the kids and I enjoyed this book quite a bit and are looking forward to seeing where things head next.
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