The Dancing Cats of Applesap

by Janet Taylor Lisle

Paperback, 2002



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PB Lis





Aladdin (2002), Edition: 1st Printing, 176 pages


A shy ten-year-old gets together with one hundred remarkable cats to bring notoriety to Applesap, New York, and to save their beloved Rigg's Drug Store.


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176 p.; 5.2 inches

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LibraryThing member lmalak1
This book is simply adorable. One reason I liked this book was because of the character development. Melba starts out as a shy, timid girl in the middle of Applesap, NY, an equally shy and timid city. Through her adventures, Melba learns how to stand up for herself, conquer her fears, and utilize
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her shyness for positive purposes. In response, the city of Applesap also grows into a more prominent city. The character development is excellently written in this story.
Another reason I enjoyed this book was because of the organization of the book. I love how the story is interrupted by Melba's phone call to Guinness Book of World Records, always feeling like she has to add to the story. It complements the story so well because it gives the readers a glimpse of how much Melba has changed, even though she is still timid in the story.
The main idea of this book is to always believe in yourself and give yourself a chance to shine because you never know how you may change the world.
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½ (7 ratings; 3.6)
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