Arthur, For the Very First Time

by Patricia MacLachlan

Other authorsLloyd Bloom (Illustrator)
Paperback, 2002



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PB Mac


HarperCollins (2002), Edition: 1st HT Edition, 128 pages


Arthur spends a summer with his unconventional aunt and uncle and begins to look at life, his family, and himself differently.


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128 p.; 5.25 inches


0064402886 / 9780064402880



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LibraryThing member BookMystique
Arthur Rasby is ten years old and having the worst summer of his life. His parents don't listen to him, so he writes everything down -- everything that's real -- in his journal. But when he goes to stay with his Great-Aunt Elda and Great-Uncle Wrisby on their farm, his world is turned upside down.
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For the first time Arthur wonders what's real and what's not.

His aunt and uncle do things Arthur's parents would never do -- like climbing out windows to sit in trees, singing to their pet pig, and speaking French to a pet chicken. Life on the farm happens much too fast to write down -- sometimes wonderful, sometimes terrible. Arthur begins to understand there is more than one way of seeing and doing and loving. And he realizes there's a whole world just waiting to be discovered. From Amazon
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LibraryThing member fuzzi
Arthur's parents are having problems, so he winds up at his great-aunt and uncle's farm for the summer. He meets a chicken that responds to commands in French, sees a pregnant pig that likes being serenaded in song by Arthur's great-uncle, meets a neighborhood girl who calls him "Mouse".

And then
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things get interesting.

Cute story, with Arthur learning more about himself than he ever though of before.
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½ (19 ratings; 3.7)
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