On to Oregon!

by Honoré Morrow

Paperback, 1991



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PB Mor





HarperCollins (1991), 240 pages


Based on the actual mid-nineteenth century journey by covered wagon of seven children through two thousand miles of wilderness and hardship from Missouri to Oregon .


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240 p.; 5.25 inches

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LibraryThing member librarianlou
This became one of my favorite books when my 5th grade teacher read it to me.

This is the true story of the Sager children who traveled the Oregon Trail alone. Young John Sager sets out on the trail as an irresponsible hoodlum and emerges as a great hero. This is a real tear jerker.
LibraryThing member Book_Shelter
This story amazed me. Children now days are very sheltered in so many ways, and the idea that these children could go across the country and survive was unbelieveable. A story of great courage and determination. Also sad in so many ways.
LibraryThing member NinieB
In 1844 a family of six children and two parents set out on the Oregon Trail. On the trail a seventh child was born . . . and both the parents died. A thousand miles from Oregon, the oldest of the seven children, John Sager age 13, was determined to keep the family together and fulfill his father's
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dream of farming in Oregon.

This is the true story upon which On to Oregon!, a children's book published in 1926, is based. My copy was published under the title Seven Alone. While the style of writing is rather old-fashioned, and some comments about the native Americans encountered on the Trail make this book not really suitable for contemporary children, for the historically minded who can place such comments in their historical context it can still be a good, enjoyable read, with some tension around the children's chances for success.

Those who prefer real history to fictionalized could try the memoir, Across the Plains in 1844, by Catherine Sager, one of the younger children.
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