The Hidden Kingdom: Wings of Fire (Book 3)

by Tui T. Sutherland

Paperback, 2014



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PB Sut




Scholastic Inc. (2014), Edition: Reprint, 336 pages


The five dragonets of the prophecy are hoping to hide in safety in the RainWing kingdom, and Glory is hoping to learn more about her own identity, but when tribe members start disappearing and the old queen does nothing, it is up to Glory and her friends to uncover the lurking evil.


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336 p.; 5.2 inches

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LibraryThing member soraki
After escaping from the Kingdom of the Sea, Glory and the other dragonets head to the rainforest to find her family and her tribe. But her homecoming and the Rainwings fall far short of her dreams.

Meanwhile, Rainwings are disappearing from the rainforest and no one seems to care. The murderous
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Queen Scarlet is still alive and seeking revenge on Glory for her injuries. The Nightwings send an assassin after Glory to eliminate her from the prophecy.

Can Glory find the missing dragons, avoid an assassin, and find a way to end the war?
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LibraryThing member weisser4
Pretty much feel the need to read the entire series in one sitting. So far, each book is fewer than 200 pages long and could easily be one or two large books for older readers.
LibraryThing member Gaiagirlie
Definitely the best one so far! Maybe I'm a little biased because Glory is my favorite dragonet and this one was centered on her, but really, it's the best one so far. I'm glad I agreed to read these after my daughter suggested them. So good!
LibraryThing member Starla_Aurora
As soon as I finished book 3 I was on to book 4. So glad to have found this series.
LibraryThing member fierce_bunny

Very cute. I love Glory, but I am less keen on the various dragon clans beginning to resemble various races.




(86 ratings; 4.2)
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