Keena Ford and the Second-Grade Mix-Up

by Melissa Thomson

Paperback, 2009



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PB Tho




Puffin Books (2009), Edition: Reprint, 112 pages


Keena Ford chronicles her many mishaps as she begins second grade.


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112 p.; 5.04 inches

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LibraryThing member danusia
Poor misunderstood Keena. I honestly felt sorry for her. Her voice was genuine and the pencil drawings were great! detailed and realistic. The mix-up is when Kenna incorrectly writes the date of her birthday down and the teacher brings a cake for the entire class to share, sings happy birthday and
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Keena's mother comes to the classroom and catches Keena in her lie. Good ending, nice relationship between teacher/students, brother/sister, mother/ daughter.
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LibraryThing member sweetiegherkin
This is a charming story about a little girl who unintentionally seems to find trouble easily. Keena is just beginning second grade and writing in her first journal. She soon has plenty of tales of mishaps to write about in her journal. The writing style in this book is both authentic and humorous.
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The sketchy illustrations are a delightful addition.
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LibraryThing member YouthGPL
Another short chapter book that many second graders will appreciate. Keena is just beginning second grade, and looking forward to sharing a classroom with her best friend Eric. Then a letter comes in the mail stating that boys and girls will be in different classrooms, and the mix-up begins. Keena
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loves her class and her teacher, but in trying to be fancy lets her teacher believe that her birthday is the day after school starts. Then other events happen that Keena believes are out of her control, but really Keena is a force of nature. This is a funny book that I think many children can relate to – they will feel like things are out of their control too!!
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LibraryThing member GaylDasherSmith
Keena is so real, you root for her despite her bad judgement. The pages turned quickly.
LibraryThing member Salsabrarian
"Irrepressible" is an excellent word to describe Keena Ford. She lives life jubilantly and bounces back from her mix-ups, wiser and more philosophical for the experience. A funny, sunny read, although it's hard to believe any second grader could be this articulate in a personal journal. More to
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come from Keena Ford...
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LibraryThing member Bertha_
I read this with my 7 year old daughter, it is funny and so sweet. Great read for 2nd graders!






½ (15 ratings; 3.6)
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