Firewing (Aladdin Fantasy)

by Kenneth Oppel

Paperback, 2004



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PB Opp

Call number

PB Opp

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PB Opp




Aladdin (2004), 300 pages


Griffin, a young bat, is sucked into the "Underworld," and his father follows to rescue him.


Red Maple Award (Nominee)
Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Award (Shortlist — English Fiction — 2004)
Children's Favorites Awards (Selection — 2004)


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300 p.; 5.2 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member silverwing2332
It gets a little confusing, but overall it is a great book, it has a lot of detail and some interesting plots. The only problem I had with it is that the action scenes could get a little muddled, its one of those books where you may have to reread a scene a couple of times to understand what
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happened, but overall it's a quick easy read. I really enjoyed how the story played out (with my screen name, you can see I'm a fan).
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LibraryThing member Rena_Westwong
Shade, the silverwing bat, is back for a third adventure in this exciting conclusion to the Silverwing trilogy. During an earthquake Shade’s son, Griffin, is pulled down into the Underworld. Shade pursues his son into the earth, while Griffin teams up with Luna, a recently dead friend from his
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colony. Together the two young bats search for a way out of the land of the dead. Unfortunately the Underworld is full of dangers for the living and the dead and Griffin is hunted by more than just his father.

A children’s novel for the 9 to 12 crowd, Firewing is a thrilling adventure story that doesn’t hold itself back its age group. There are separated families, vicious monsters, and tragic deaths.

Some elements of the dangers the characters face share similarities to quest stories in Greek mythology.

In his previous books Shade has grown from a rebellious rule-breaker to a respected leader of his colony. Now he has to become a father ready to sacrifice anything for his family.

Griffin is a timid character who starts off as a child who feels like he is under great pressure to live up to his dad’s heroic reputation. As he survives the trials of the Underworld he becomes a stronger character that the reader will want to see get out alive.
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LibraryThing member LemurKat
One of the things I enjoyed about this installment in the Silverwing saga was the fantastical nature of the plot. The earlier ones were just slightly off on the believable aspect, but because this one delved into a whole new world where anything could happen (and frequently did), it did not jar
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with me. Griffin's personality also struck a chord, I think because he was so different from his father. Indeed, the only thing that really bugged me was the corny nature of the ending (the sacrifice bit). Also, it seemed to be planning for another series?
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LibraryThing member Linyarai
Great end to the series, but I have issues with what happens at the end.

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