Spring-Heeled Jack

by Philip Pullman

Other authorsD Mostyn (Illustrator)
Paperback, 2004



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PB Pul

Call number

PB Pul

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PB Pul





Yearling (2004), Edition: Reprint, 112 pages


Three children make their escape from a London orphanage and after a series of misadventures are reunited with their father through the efforts of the legendary Spring-Heeled Jack.


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112 p.; 5.25 inches

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LibraryThing member Salsabrarian
Half-prose, half graphic novel, this is the story of three orphans who escape the awful orphanage with intent of selling their mother's locket for passage to America. With the help of Polly, sailor Jim Bowling and the timely appearances of the legendary Spring-Heeled Jack, all's well that ends well.
LibraryThing member AltheaAnn
Yeah, one star. I feel a little bad, because this book did not actively anger me. However, I didn't like anything about it.

My book club selected this, because: Golden Compass! Sally Lockhart! Yeah!
We haven't had our meeting yet, so I don't know what everyone else thought of it, but I was quite
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The plot is very slight, and hackneyed in a Dickens-lite kinda way. Three siblings must escape from a horrible orphanage, and find themselves in need of help from a mysterious benefactor.

Don't get me wrong, cliche or not, I like orphan stories! But these orphans just seemed wussy and kind of annoying (but only kind-of. They didn't have enough personality to be particularly annoying). The story didn't have any original twists to set it apart. Even for a middle-grades book, it seemed rather shallow.

The 'humorous' bits seemed aimed at older readers than the book's target audience, but weren't particularly funny.

I did not find the illustrations aesthetically appealing. (All the people, as drawn, resemble unattractive, doughy peanuts.)

And, worst of all, Spring-Heeled Jack - a quite fascinating Victorian urban legend - here is not portrayed as an enigmatic villain, but seems more like just some random adult do-gooder who fortuitously shows up to save some kids who weren't spunky enough to save themselves.

Plodding and predictable.
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LibraryThing member hopeevey

It's a cute story, and a quick read.
LibraryThing member renclbb
Spring-Heeled Jack is a fun, clever, and warm-hearted mash-up of many of our perceptions about the streets of Victorian England.




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