Henry Reed, Inc. (Puffin Books)

by Keith Robertson

Other authorsRobert McCloskey (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1989



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PB Rob

Call number

PB Rob

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PB Rob


Puffin Books (1989), 240 pages


Henry Reed keeps a journal of his summer activities which include setting up a research firm and embarking on a series of usually profitable projects with the aid of his ally and neighbor Midge.


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240 p.; 5.13 inches


0140341447 / 9780140341447



User reviews

LibraryThing member readinggeek451
Henry is a diplomat's teenage son, sent to spend the summer near Princeton with his uncle and aunt. The only other kid around is a girl a little younger than he is. Together, they go into the research business. Lost beagles and escaped rabbits are only a few of their trials.

Henry's deadpan journal entries relay the whole hilarious summer in understated style.… (more)
LibraryThing member PaulWW
I read this because I'm making my homeschooled daughter read it next week. I really enjoyed it. It brought back memories of my childhood. I didn't have any adventures like Henry, but I did have adventures that this book brought back! There are at least 3 other books about Henry, I think that I will check them out.
LibraryThing member antiquary
A book I enjoyed very much as a child, about Henry Reed, a bright 8th grade boy (father in the diplomatic service in Naples) spending the summer with an aunt and uncle in a very small village outside Princeton NJ; he and a neighbor girl, Midge Glass, form a research company and have a variety of amusing experiences, many involving run-ins with disagreeable neighbors and their cat. Some of the lines are genuinely witty -- a boy "as interesting a plate of cold spaghetti" has stuck with me for 40 years or so. I think the fact that Henry and MIdge come across as genuinely intelligent and independent-minded, though sometimes na├»ve, appealed to me as a clever boy myself.… (more)
LibraryThing member stevetempo
What a fun read this was when I was 10. At the time I was creating my own laboratory. I read it to my boys a few years back and they loved it too.






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