Fog Magic

by Julia L. Sauer

Paperback, 1986



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PB Sau

Call number

PB Sau

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PB Sau




Puffin Books (1986), 107 pages


A child of Nova Scotia who loves the fog is transported by it to a secret world of her own.


Newbery Medal (Honor Book — 1944)


Original language


Original publication date

1943 (Viking)

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107 p.; 5.07 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member macjest
This is truly one of my most favorite books from childhood. I think it was my first real introduction to imaginative writing and to this day represents all that creative writing can be. There's a line from the book that really struck a chord with me: "Most of us live in two worlds - our real world
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and the one we build or spin for ourselves out of the books we read, the heroes we admire, the things we hope to do."
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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Greta has an unusual connection to the fog- she loves nothing more than to go walking in it. One day she discovers that within the fog is a whole other world- it is the settlement from some point in the past, which she must enter and leave during the fog. She can only enjoy entering this world
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until she is twelve, but at that time she is able to take back a kitten to remember it by.
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LibraryThing member electrascaife
A girl who is born with a natural love for the thick fog that frequently covers her village one day discovers the magic it brings with it, and then spends those foggy days in another time and in another village that no longer exists. Very cool little story and well told.
LibraryThing member Whisper1
First published in 1932, this small book was captivating. A young girl, who lives on an island in Nova Scotia, loves the fog. Unlike the fishermen who need the light for their living, Julia cannot wait for the fog to toll in. Begging her mother to leave for a walk, Julia soon accomplishes her tasks
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and walks over the mountain, into a land where she is taken away to a place where in the day there are only markers of where houses where, now in the fog, she is drawn to a small village.

Going back in time, Julia meets another girl as a play mate. Told she must hurry home before dark, Julia lives in two worlds, that of long ago, and the world of her current life with her mother and father and small house in a fishing village.

I loved the writing which immediately allowed me to envision the land of far away.
This is writing at it's best!

Five Stars
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LibraryThing member thornton37814
This Newbury honor book tells the story of a fog-obsessed girl living in Nova Scotia. While others see the fog as an economic hardship, Greta loves it. She ventures "over the mountain" into a land of imaginary friends or a time from the past to a fishing village whose stories she's heard told. She
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finds a young girl with whom she shares adventures. The language and style remind me of the way my mom told stories. Published in my mom's childhood, this book may have been one she read and cherished. This book should keep even today's young reader's interested in its tale.
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