A Rat's Tale

by Tor Seidler

Paperback, 1989



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PB Sei

Call number

PB Sei

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PB Sei




Trumpet (1989), Edition: 1st, 186 pages


Montague, an artistic young rat living beneath the streets of New York City, is convinced he can do nothing to save his friends from extermination until he achieves a better understanding of both himself and his ne'er-do-well uncle.


Gouden Griffel (Zilveren — 1989)
CCBC Choices (Fiction for Older Readers — 1986)


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186 p.; 8.43 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member curioussquared
A fun, adorable storyline and gorgeous illustrations make this book a must read! As a mouse/rat obsessed elementary school student (yes, I loved Redwall), this book made my day. I read it over and over again.
LibraryThing member mutantpudding
A cute and quick read that nonetheless contains a lot of substance and nuance. I find the secret world of NYC rats in this book creative and fun and very memorable. Enjoyed this book as a kid and enjoyed reading it now as an adult.
LibraryThing member ChazziFrazz
Montegue Mad-Rat the younger is teased by the other rats. He is not like the high-tone wharf rats. His family doesn’t live in the good part of town. His family has ties to a notorious rat.

He spends time searching the park for bird feathers and berries. His mother uses the berries for dye and
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feathers to make rat hats. When he gets home he helps his mother.

On one of his sorties he meets and rescues a lovely girl wharf rat. He is instantly smitten. But they come from two different levels of rat society. You see, Mad-Rats are looked down upon by Wharf Rats because Mad-Rats use their paws to make things!

The Wharf Rats find out the current owner of the wharf land is planning to sell off the lots, which means there would be a major exterminating drive on the rats. The rats for a plan and Montegue plans to do his utmost to help. This is in order to impress the girl rat and win her heart. While facing the challenges he is presented, he learns more about who he is named for, more about himself and more about what he wants in life.

The characters may be rats, but the author gives them human traits. It is a good read with family, adventure, determination and even a pinch of romance. It also contains some wonderful, detailed illustration throughout the book.
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½ (40 ratings; 3.9)
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