The Mozart Season

by Virginia Euwer Wolff

Paperback, 2000



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PB Wol

Call number

PB Wol

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PB Wol




Scholastic Paperbacks (2000), 256 pages


Allegra spends her twelfth summer practicing a Mozart concerto for a violin competition and finding many significant connections in her world.


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256 p.; 4.5 inches

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LibraryThing member elainevbernal
"Mozart Season" is a realistic fiction book that teaches a great lesson about competitiveness, peak performance, and what it simply means to have fun and enjoy what you're doing. Allegra Shapiro is twelve years old and is the youngest finalist for the Ernest Bloch Young Musician's competition where
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she will be performing Mozart's Fourth Violin Concerto. At a very young age, Allegra is a virtuoso violinist who struggles with perfecting her craft, having most of her activities scheduled by her parents, and at the same time enjoying her childhood to the fullest with her older brother and two best girlfriends, and simply having fun; whether if it's playing on her softball team, playing the violin, or going on a bike ride by herself.

The story is beautifully told and honestly portrays what childhood has become for most children - overprotective, well-meaning parents who schedule most their children's time, how fierce competition has become in children's activities whether it be sport or music, and the consequent anxiety and fear that children in such situations experience.

Perfect book for children ages 10-12, and provides an effective lesson about taking part in activities out passion and fulfillment rather than mastery and perfection.
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LibraryThing member Hamburgerclan
This is the story of one Allegra Shapiro, who is supposed to play a concerto by Mozart for a competition. Over the summer, she learns about herself, her heritage, the world around her, and, oh, yeah, Mozart. I love this book, but I don't know why--I guess it's because of the characters who are so
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interesting and yet so believable. Why am I telling you about this? Read it yourself!--C
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LibraryThing member ViaLys
Elegant prose narrative of the summer preparation of a 12 year old violinist in Portland, Oregon for the Mozart concert for which she is the youngest finalist. Well-developed characters, diverse and rich thematic foundations.
LibraryThing member devafagan
I loved this so much! I had to force myself to read it slowly to savor all the beautiful little random stream-of-consciousness bits, and there were so many moments that just rang so true-- about life, love, loss, fear, music, art, everything.
LibraryThing member wichitafriendsschool
While preparing for a performance in a prestigious competition, a young violinist discovers more about herself, her heritage, and the power of music.




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