Christina's Ghost

by Betty Ren Wright

Paperback, 1987



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PB Wri

Call number

PB Wri

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PB Wri





Scholastic Paperbacks (1987), 105 pages


Christina's summer in a spooky, isolated Victorian house with her grumpy uncle turns into a ghostly adventure.


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105 p.; 5.5 inches

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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Christina's excited to spend summer at her grandma's- until she finds out that she is going to spend part of it with Uncle Ralph (who clearly doesn't want her) instead. She amuses herself improving her swimming and reading riddles, but finds herself amusing the ghost of a little boy as well. As she
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discovers the dark past of the boy and a much meaner ghost, she also forges a connection with her uncle. Together, they solve the mystery of the house.
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LibraryThing member cltnae
What I thought: It was a good story about how a bond can for just given the right circumstances. I liked the book because it was both a mystery, and ghost story. The book caught my interest immediatly and kept me interested until the very end. I really enjoyed reading this book it was fun,
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interesting, and captivating. The book kept my interest because of the mystery about the ghost of a young boy and a very evil man. I thought that the book had many different aspects in one. The book was about a young girl and the bond that was built between her and her uncle. Also a mystery of why the young boy had not moved on yet, and what or who was evil matter was in the attic. The book also showed how after everything that had happened Christina and her uncle came together to help one another.

Summary: A story of Christina and her unlce living at house for the summer. What they did not know was that there were also two ghosts living at the house too. One was a young boy who was brutally murdered simply because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, the other is his tutor who was hiding out because of a robbery that he and his friends commited. Christina and her uncle have to figure out where the stolen stamps are before both the ghost will move on.

Classroom Extensions:
1) I would read this book a couple of chapters at a time and at the end of each reading I would have my students write how the book made them feel and what they liked about the story so far. This excersise will help build my students writing skills.
2) After the book was finished I would hand out a story map for the students to feel out with there favorite scenes in the book.
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LibraryThing member TFS93
A perfect short story for the kiddo obsessed with ghosts. Nothing too scary here!
LibraryThing member aratiel
Another spooky-yet-not-terrifying book I read as a kid that nonetheless creeped me out.




½ (52 ratings; 3.6)
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