The Pike River Phantom

by Betty Ren Wright

Paperback, 1990



Call number

PB Wri

Call number

PB Wri

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PB Wri




Scholastic Paperbacks (1990), Edition: Reissue


Thirteen-year-old Rachel and her cousin Charlie become linked with the mad ghost of a fierce old lady, who is eerily involved in the upcoming Sunbonnet Queen contest about which Rachel dreams.


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5.5 inches

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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Charlie is trying to adjust to Pike River, but constantly feels awful because his dad just got out of jail and he feels accused in connection to his dad. Soon, however, he has a mystery to solve involving the ghost of a girl who competed with his grandmother for sunbonnet queen. Charlie finally
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begins to see his dad's good qualities when his dad saves his cousin, Rachel, from the ghost's trap.
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LibraryThing member Heather19
Another awesome ghost story. It was fairly obvious, fairly early, why the ghost was there and why she hated Rachel. But the semi-predictibleness didn't take away from the great overall plot, and the climax was much better and more interesting then I'd hoped for.
LibraryThing member JalenV
Charlie's father made a mistake years ago, a mistake that got him a five-year prison sentence. Now he's out. Instead of living with his Aunt Laura in Milwaukee, Charlie (and his father) have moved back to his Dad's home town, Pike River. They're living with his father's parents, as is his cousin,
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Rachel. Rachel's parents are missionaries. Charlie's mother died years ago, but Rachel envies Charlie for having one parent around.
Rachel gets Charlie to help sell band candy for her. Twice selling the candy gets Charlie into trouble. Both times old ladies are involved. One of those old ladies is very strange. Charlie met her at a house everyone says is empty. She thinks Charlie must be his grandfather's brother. No one believes Charlie met her. Charlie is ashamed of his dad, a shame that deepens when his father's hot temper costs him his job. It's enough to make Charlie want to leave town. Before he goes, he's going to get proof that the strange old lady is real. When he meets her again, she looks younger. Cousin Rachel wants to be the Sunbonnet Queen in the 4th of July parade. The not-so-old lady claims she's the real Sunbonnet Queen. There's something about that contest that bothers Charlie's grandmother. Could it be connected with that strange woman? Charlie manages to get Rachel to believe him, but even that goes wrong. Charlie fears Rachel is in terrible danger. Why won't anyone listen to him? Is Charlie right? Oh, yes. Can Rachel be saved?
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½ (16 ratings; 3.5)
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