The Ghost of Popcorn Hill

by Betty Ren Wright

Paperback, 1994



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PB Wri

Call number

PB Wri

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PB Wri





Little Apple (1994), Edition: 19906th


Martin and Peter acquire a mischievous new dog and two lonely ghosts.


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5.25 inches

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LibraryThing member JaidisShaw
Brothers Peter and Martin love living at Popcorn Hill. It's an exciting place for young boys to have adventures. What else could they want? A dog of course. Not only can the dog accompany them on adventures but it can protect them from the eerie laughter they hear of a night in their room. When
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their parents finally consent, they head to the local humane society in hopes of adopting the biggest dog ever. Their plans quickly screech to a halt when their father won't allow them to get the big dog they want and so they relent and get a smaller variety. While the boys are happy to have a dog, they still wish they could have gotten a different dog. Their frowns quickly turn upside down when a stray sheepdog, a much bigger dog, shows up.

The Ghost of Popcorn Hill was a quick and pleasant read. My seven-year-old daughter read it first. She expressed her joy about the dogs. She questioned why the boys weren't happy with the dog they adopted so the moral of this book is easy for younger minds to grasp.

I was happy with how the book ended. I won't give spoilers but it was nice to see the lesson the boys learned and how they faced their fears in order to help someone in need. I'd happily get the other books by this author for my daughter to read.
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½ (4 ratings; 3.5)
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