The Midnight Mystery (Apple Paperback)

by Betty Ren Wright

Paperback, 1991



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PB Wri

Call number

PB Wri

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PB Wri




Scholastic Paperbacks (1991)


Rosie discovers that having nine fingers can be an asset as she faces the challenges of an upcoming piano recital and the absence of her father who moved away to find a new job.


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5.25 inches

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LibraryThing member JalenV
Rosie's father has never let her feel inferior because she was born with nine fingers instead of ten, but now her father has a new job in the city. Rosie's mother doesn't want to move away from their town and the house she grew up in. Rosie's piano teacher has changed the fingering for Rosie's
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recital piece, "The Dance of the Dinosaurs," but she's still having trouble with the last page. Will she fix that in time? Rosie's best friend, Angela, has a rich cousin, but pretty Mary Jean is spoiled and her little brother is even worse. Will their parents ever learn how to discipline them? Who is the mysterious intruder who keeps entering Rosie's house? Angela has an idea about how to take care of that problem. This is a good book for young readers with family problems or a disability that makes them feel inferior. The dustjacket pleases me not just because it's pretty, but because Ms. Eagle took the trouble to get the details right.
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½ (7 ratings; 2.9)
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