The Great Brain #4: The Great Brain at the Academy

by John D. Fitzgerald

Other authorsMercer Mayer (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1982



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PB Fit

Call number

PB Fit

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PB Fit




Yearling (1982), 176 pages


The Great Brain faces the challenge of life at a strict Catholic boarding school with daring exploits and money-making schemes.


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176 p.; 5.25 inches

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LibraryThing member Venqat65
Ah...I remember why these books were my favorites while growing up. Amazing how much factual information is imbedded in amid the exploits and adventures in these stories! I just picked the book up and started to read it again, now, as an adult...and I've already learned about how a steam engine
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works, the origins of the Jesuit religious sect, and the buildings in Salt Lake City! Not only does the reader learn information such as this, but he also picks up on subtle knowledge such as what life was like in the year 1897. TD and SD are taken to the Academy by horse and buggy....TD's experience of traveling at 60 mph on the train is the fastest he has experienced in his life....10 cents is a lot of money.... There are hundreds of subtle pieces of information conveyed to the reader while he is laughing and marveling at Tom's Great Brain and the ideas it comes up with!
These books are genius compared to the dribble that is written for children today!
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LibraryThing member ferrisscottr
Amazing! Another great book in the series
LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
Maybe 3.5 stars. My edition has the Mercer Mayer cover (and inside art). I don't recall whether I've ever read any of the other stars, but this bookcrossed pb fell into my hands so I read it. Of course it's dated, but it's still delightful. Maybe 11 year-old boys would like it more. But then,
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today's 11 yo boys are reading Percy Jackson - this is awfully tame.
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