The Million Dollar Shot (new cover) (Million Dollar Series)

by Dan Gutman

Paperback, 2006



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PB Gut

Call number

PB Gut

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PB Gut





Hyperion Books for Children (2006), Edition: Revised ed., 128 pages


Eleven-year-old Eddie gets a chance to win a million dollars by sinking a foul shot at the National Basketball Association finals.


Sequoyah Book Award (Nominee — Children's — 2000)
Buckeye Children's & Teen Book Award (Nominee — Grades 3-5 — 2001)
Nutmeg Book Award (Nominee — Intermediate — 2000)
Iowa Children's Choice Award (Nominee — 2001)
Black-Eyed Susan Book Award (Nominee — Grades 4-6 — 2001)
Volunteer State Book Award (Nominee — Grades 4-6 — 2000)
Maud Hart Lovelace Award (Nominee — 2001)


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128 p.; 5.25 inches

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LibraryThing member nm.winter09.d.bedol
This book it’s about this guy named Eddie he goes to middle school he has a problem in his P.E. class his classmates call him Eddie ball because when they’re playing basketball he can’t sink any shot. One day everything change his mom was fired from his work she worked for one of the most
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important chocolate company of where they live. The owner of the company made a contest you had to do a poem and send it to the company, it say that if your parents were working there you could not enter the contest you’ll get a chance to sink a free throw in the NBA game. Since his mom was fired, he enter the contest and he won the contest he was able to sink the shot if he sink the shot he will win one million dollars if he did not than he would not get anything. I think this is a good book since I like basketball I enjoy reading when Eddie and his friend Annie talk.I do not think three is nothing bad about this book. At the very end Eddie became a milliner he sank the shot so he won a million dollars.
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LibraryThing member ecugary
Everything is going wrong for Eddie. His friends make fun of him because he can't sink the shot and now his mother has lost her job. Eddie enters a contest and wins. If he sinks a shot at the basketball game he will win a million dollars. Eddie knows his family needs this and the pressure is
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Readers will keep reading as the wonder if Eddie is going to make the shot.

After reading the story, students could imagine that Eddie won the million and decide how he should spend it. They can create a list of things they would buy and how much each costs until they have a list that totals to a million dollars.
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LibraryThing member pravs
Eddie Ball is a middle school student who is going through tough times. He lives with his widowed mother who has just recently lost her job and he is looking for things to turn around. A poetry contest is sponsored by his mother's prior employer and when he wins the contest with the help of his
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neighbor, he trains to make the million dollar shot and undergoes situations along the way. The book is written in easy to read sentences and makes a great hi lo book for middle schoolers. I would recommend this book for children grades 3 - 7.
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LibraryThing member lylesreading
is very awsome.
LibraryThing member Robinsonstef
11 year old Eddie Ball and his mom live in a trailer park in Louisiana. Things have been rough since his dad died, and his mom works herself to the bone at the Finkle Food Factory trying to make ends meet. Eddie’s new best friend has a shaved head, is awesome at basketball, loves poetry, and
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happens to be a girl. Annie Stokely is someone Eddie can be himself around, she tests his basketball skills, and lives a couple trailers away. When Mr. Finkle offers a poetry contest for the best poem about a Finkle (think an even unhealthier Twinkie concoction) and the winner gets the chance to shoot a foul shot for a million dollars during the NBA finals, Eddie thinks he can’t enter because his mom works there. When his mom loses her job, he knows what he has to do. Of course, poetry is more Annie’s thing, and her poem is better than his. But, Annie doesn’t want to enter the contest. So, Eddie enters a poem and soon enough he finds out he has won the chance to win the million dollars. While Eddie makes about 50% of his shots, he is only going to get one chance, and he needs to step up his game. Mr. Stokely happens to be an excellent foul shot coach and works with Eddie to improve his chances. Unfortunately, there seems to be someone out to sabotage Eddie and they are doing everything they can think of to ensure that he will not make his shot and win the million dollars. Who is trying to ruin Eddie’s chances? Will he be able to concentrate and sink the ball when it counts? What will Eddie and his mom do if he doesn’t make the shot? Will Mr. Finkle really pay him a million dollars if he does make the shot? You must read this book to see what happens to Eddie, Mrs. Ball, Annie, and of course Mr. Finkle.

The Million Dollar Shot by Dan Gutman is a book that captured my interest right from the start. I loved this book and even laughed out loud at some of the scenes. It's such a fast paced book that I was able to read it in one sitting. Eddie has had a tough life, and I couldn’t help but root for him right from the start. He is someone that would be a good friend, and I especially like his determination. I also liked Annie and how she doesn’t care what other people think about her, she is who she is. This is a book that can be enjoyed by people from third grade and up. It kept my interest all the way up until the end, and after I finished reading it, I had to try the foul shot tips that Mr. Stokely teaches Eddie. You will want to try them too! It made me think about taking risks and how you can’t win if you don’t play or take the first step toward your goal. Taking a chance is scary, but if you don’t take the chance then you definitely aren’t going to succeed. Pick up this book and you will want a chance to change your life by taking a foul shot or a step in the right direction!
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