Bite-Sized Magic (Bliss Bakery Trilogy)

by Kathryn Littlewood

Other authorsErin McGuire (Illustrator)
Paperback, 2015



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PB Lit


Katherine Tegen Books (2015), Edition: Reprint, 432 pages


Twelve-year-old Rosemary Bliss must use her magical baking skills to escape when she is kidnapped by the owner of the Mostess Snack Cake Corporation.


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432 p.; 5.13 inches


0062084275 / 9780062084279



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LibraryThing member kmjanek
This is the conclusion to the Bliss trilogy. Rose has recovered the family’s magical Cookery Booke. She is the most famous baker in the world and she is getting rather tired of the paparazzi following her around. She wishes that her life would get back to normal. Then she is kidnapped by the Mostess Snack Cake Corporation. She is being forced to rewrite their recipes because their sales are declining. They believe that it is because of mom and pop bakeries. The Mostess Corporation is determined to put all other bakeries out of business and they need Rose and her magical ingredients to do it. The Bliss family is doing all they can to save Rose, without getting themselves tangled up in corporate misdeeds.

Just like the other two books, this book is filled with humor, suspense and adventure. On the surface the Mostess Snack Cake Corporation seems like the perfect place to get your fill of snack cakes. It’s what lies underneath that is scary. For adults, this would seem like an exaggerated corporate scandal. I’m not sure young readers would pick up on this. But they would pick up on the message of supporting your local business. They are nice and friendly. The family is also working together to solve a mystery. It’s nice to see siblings, who sometimes fight, to work towards the good of the family.

If you have the first two books in your library, you have to buy the conclusion to the trilogy. It’s perfect for advanced Upper-El and middle school readers. There are a lot of pages, but the text size is larger and so are the margins. There are some illustrations sprinkled throughout the book, which add to the story. The author is a writer, author and comedienne and I think that comes through in her writing. The book cover changed a little bit. The first two books had raised font with glossy and matte cover art. The third book cover is all glossy and looks like the budget was cut. But the illustrator still did a really nice job and the theme of the book covers fit nicely with each other. It’s a good magical adventure that will appeal to readers who are drawn to cooking and baking. I would put the three books on display together to encourage readers to start the trilogy.
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