Flight; Make it Work!

by Jack; Barnes Jon (pho Andrew; Challoner

Paperback, 1995



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Action Publishing (1995), 48 pages


An illustrated book of projects demonstrating the properties of flight.

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48 p.; 10.4 inches

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LibraryThing member chelsealouise
Genre: This book is informational about the topic of flight, things that fly, and how to create things that have those same qualities that are needed.The title (a how to book) explains this, and it also explains different experiments step by step. These are great and could be used in the classroom
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for real life experiments during a science unit, or it could be to explore more about science and the discovery of what it means to be an engineer, scientist, or inventor of things that fly. These are real hands on things that students could really get into. It is hands on, explorational, informational, and easy to read.

The media used is photography of the different science experiments and the real life people that did them. The pictures are great because they explain step by step, along with the written instructions, how to perform and set up the experiments.
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½ (3 ratings; 4.7)
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