Rushmore: Monument for the Ages

by Lynn Curlee

Paperback, 2000



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Scholastic (2000), 48 pages


Describes how this patriotic shrine and tourist attraction was conceived, designed, and created by the dedicated artist Gutzon Borglum.


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48 p.; 11 inches

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LibraryThing member annafcurry
This book is about the whole process from the creation and of what all it took to get this historical monument created. The book goes over the planning, people responsible and things that were going on during the carving which took many, many, many years to complete.

I thought that the book was
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informational especially since I did not know that much about Mount Rushmore from the people that helped carve, design, and how the presidents were chosen. It took alot of time and money to complete the beautiful monument.

Have a count to see if and how many students have went to see Mount Rushmore. Students could draw a picture of the monument or use clay or play dough to make Mount Rushmore during art or center time. Read the book to the students on President's Day or on one of the presidents- Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln's birthday.
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LibraryThing member kloupe1
This book was very enjoyable. It had lots of information and lots of adjectives that not only described the great pictures in the book, but helped your imagination grow their own. The book told the story from beginning to end of Mt. Rushmore and its creator; from the creation of the mountain to the
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future the mountain holds. This would be a great book for children to use for a report on Mt. Rushmore. It has so much information packed in this book, it is unreal!
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LibraryThing member beckytillett
Rushmore is the story of the carving of Mt. Rushmore, including the time and money that it took to make this carving come to life. The author focuses mainly on the artist, Gutzon Borglum and his arrogant, flashy ways as well as his talent.
This story could tie into a history lesson of the United
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States, it could be used to discuss pros and cons of the carving or could be the focus of a debate on whether Rushmore should have been carved. Students should also study the timeline at the back of the book to understand how timelines work and how they can be featured in non-fiction text.
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