This Place Is Cold (Imagine Living Here)

by Vicki Cobb

Other authorsBarbara Lavallee (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1989



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917.98 Co





Walker & Co (1989), Edition: First, 32 pages


Focuses on the land, animals, plants, and climate of Alaska, presenting it as an example of a place where it is so cold your hair can freeze and break off.


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32 p.; 9 inches

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LibraryThing member SDando
This is an informational book that is presented in an engaging way to more experienced readers. There are many facts about the Arctic wilderness included, but it does not feel like you are reading a textbook. The illustrations are charming, and seem to celebrate the Arctic way of life.
LibraryThing member MelissaKlatt
Summary: This book focuses on the climate of Alaska and the plants and animals that are forced to survive the harsh conditions of the environment. The book displays snow and ice and over climatic factors that are relevant in Alaska.

Personal Reflection: I enjoyed this book because it was very
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informational and gave a lot of insight into places that are so much different than where we live. Working at a preschool, I realized many of the children have never seen snow or know what snow is. I think this book was interesting because it gave way to new perspectives and climates.

Class use: I would use this book in themes of geography and climate. I think I would use this book to demonstrate topics like global warming that pose serious concern for the future of the planet. I would also use this book to teach adaption and finding ways to survive climatic changes.
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