Robert E. Lee: Virginian Soldier, American Citizen

by James I. Robertson Jr.

Hardcover, 2005



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921 LEE




Atheneum Books for Young Readers (2005), Edition: 1st Edition, 176 pages


Provides young adult readers with a comprehensive look at the life and accomplishments of this famous Confederate General of the Civil War, enhanced with period photos, illustrations, and source notes.


Best Fiction for Young Adults (Selection — 2007)


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176 p.; 8 inches

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LibraryThing member edspicer
My area of Allegan is filled with Civil War fans. Our streets are named after Civil war generals. We have an active historical society that sometimes hosts Civil War reenactments of famous battles. I am not, however, much of a Civil War reader even if I am able to show visitors the house that
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General Pritchard lived in. Consequently I am not as excited as others from my community will be to see that a book on Robert E. Lee is on our BBYA list. This is one of the fabulous benefits of this committee. We read things that we must. We do not expect much from the book and then find ourselves in awe, when we zip right through the book. Readers should know that the outcome of the various Civil War battles and the war itself are not in doubt; reading this book, however, captures the drama of the times. Despite the fact that I am a Northerner (or at least a sympathizer), I can’t help rooting for Lee and wondering what will happen next (even though I know). The writing is superb. It makes me want to believe that teens in my area will list Robert E. Lee as one of this country’s heroes as the author claims! I can forgive this hyperbole because this is a biography (not my favorite type of book) that I read as if it is a novel. Certainly recommended for middle and high school libraries in my area! Also recommended for any school library in the country that studies the Civil War!
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LibraryThing member socrnut07
Rober E. Lee by James Robertson Jr. was a very interesting look into the life of the great Confederate Army. Lee's roots in the military stemmed from his father's leadership of George Washington's cavalry in the American Revolution. General Lee was respected and loved by his fellow statesmen, his
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soldiers, and his enemies. This biography detailed the many struggles and triumphs of the Confederate army across the south. General Lee was praised as a great strategist, leader, and man of faith. After the war was over, a Confederate soldier told General Lee, "I love you just as well as ever, General Lee!" (Robertson 132).

I found that the organization and content of the book were very pleasing for the reader. After reviewing the notes and works cited in the back of the book, I feel that James Robertson is a very credible author. Robertson used over 50 sources to detail the incredible military genius of Robert E. Lee. I also believe that the organization of the book was very chronological. It started off with the birth of Lee and some family history. The book then detailed the Civil War in depth from the first shot at Fort Sumter to Lee's surrender at Appomattox Courthouse. I found the information to be very extensive and informational about the entire life Robert E. Lee.
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