The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Kings and Queens of Britain

by Charles Phillips

Paperback, 2006



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Hermes House (2006), 256 pages


This lavishly illustrated volume charts the complete history of the royal families of Britain. It describes the lives of the kings and queens, their consorts and children, and the usurpers, pretenders and regents who played a role in the making of the United Kingdom. Special features reveal the lives of the Tudors; the trial of Charles I; and the growth of the British Empire in the Age of Victoria. The role of the Queen as head of 'The Firm', and of Prince William and Kate, are also discussed. This is a reference book to absorb, entertain and fascinate every reader interested in the history of the British monarchy.


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256 p.; 11.7 inches

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LibraryThing member MelyDely
This book has just about every King and Queen that ruled Britain, and about their heirs, their grandchildren. This book even has a little bit of basic information about them(Their birthdays, the day of their accsession, and the day they were suceeded), all in chronological order. This book is an
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essential part of every historian's library.
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