Word After Word After Word

by Patricia MacLachlan

Hardcover, 2010



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Fic Mac



Katherine Tegen Books (2010), Edition: 1, 128 pages


A visiting author teaches five friends about the power of words and writing.


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128 p.; 5.75 inches


0060279710 / 9780060279714



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LibraryThing member abbylibrarian
A beautifully written book about writing. Each word is carefully chosen and the story reads almost like poetry. Not my favorite kind of story, but definitely well-crafted. I'd try it on fans of Sharon Creech's Love That Dog and your aspiring young authors.
LibraryThing member brangwinn
Miss Mirabel spends 6 months with a fourth grade class showing how words in poetry can change you. Perhaps not a book children will pick up on their own, it would be a delightful read-a-loud or group study. MacLachlan, in her superb sparse writing style captures in very poetic language how the 6
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months with a poet looking at words changed these classmates. Grades 2-5
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LibraryThing member Jill.Barrington
A group of friends share their thoughts with one another about the writing they do inspired by an author who is conducting their class for a length of time. The students deal with their concerns through writing and sharing their writing.

The book would be a great addition to a lesson about why to
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write and would pair well with Locomotion by Jacqueline Woodson.
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LibraryThing member oapostrophe
A sweet and gentle book about writing and words and how magical and healing and important self-expression is.
LibraryThing member asomers
I did not enjoy this book at all. The children's voices didn't ring true for me.
LibraryThing member samri.wonnacott
this book was talking about that thid kids are trying to learn how to be a wrighter. so they are going to this big thing how there life. but this famos wrighter came to ther class and they interview her. "the fun of reading and the magic qualities of words." I like how it tells about a different
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people in a different chapter.
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LibraryThing member Whisper1
While not the quality I've come to appreciate by this author, still, it is well-written and worth the time spent reading.

When Ms. Mirabel arrives at fourth grade class to teach writing, she opens a unique world of writing and exploration of feelings for the class.

This is yet another wonderful story
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of teachers who make a difference.
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LibraryThing member bookwren
I love Patricia MacLachlan's books; she is my favorite author. I learned much about writing from this title: the importance of PLACE; A MOMENT, A TIME, A PLACE; CHARACTERS; MEMORY; and reminding oneself "where I began as a child and the stories I brought with me." Patricia MacLachlan is a writer
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for all ages.
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LibraryThing member scote23
I would give this 2.5 stars, but there's no way of doing that.

If you hadn't told me this book was by Patricia MacLachlan, I probably could have guessed by the style. I did like the book, and the message. However, I do not think many (if any) fourth graders write like that in the beginning.
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Secondly, while I understand why the book is so short, for me, it was too short to really delve into the characters. I was especially disappointed with not knowing more about Henry. Why does he need to be the adult? What does that mean? Why does he worry about holding everything together?

I don't know. It was a quick read, and I did enjoy it, but I'm not sure I would recommend it as a best book of 2010, which Amazon.com did.
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LibraryThing member SarahGraceGrzy
As always, absolutely beautiful. Patricia MacLachlan has a way of putting a deeper meaning on a book that young readers probably won't pick up on, but it's there for older readers, which I love. Also, no one handles delicate subjects in a child's perspective like divorce, a parent with cancer, etc,
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with as much tact, and delicacy as Mrs. MacLachlan! Highly recommended!
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LibraryThing member dominirose
Funny how different each reader is... a starred review? I might remember the baggie of sand, the importance of setting. But the device did not wring true.
LibraryThing member Sullywriter




½ (47 ratings; 3.5)
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