An Indian Winter

by Russell Freedman

Other authorsKarl Bodmer (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1994



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Scholastic Inc (1994), Edition: Oversize Trade Pbk, glued Bdg., 88 pages


Relates the experiences of a German prince, his servant, and a young Swiss artist as they traveled through the Missouri River Valley in 1833 learning about the territory and its inhabitants and recording their impressions in words and pictures.


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88 p.


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User reviews

LibraryThing member srssrs
"An Indian Winter" was such a surprise; it is Lewis and Clark part two, by a German prince in the 1830s! He wanted to see the west, and got permission from William Clark who was then the Superintendent of Indian Affairs. Maximilian and his two travel partners documented the culture, flora and fauna of the upper Missouri about 30 years after Lewis and Clark. The book is artfully done. The short chapters are great for an upper elementary or middle school student. The pictures/sketches done by Karl Bodmer, one of Maximilian's travel mates add to the text. He was an accomplished artist and painted great landscapes as well as beautiful portraits of the natives in this area. Not a page goes by without a sketch or painting. Between the illustrations that have fortunately not been lost and the text, this book would be a great classroom resource in studying the native peoples of this region or just a great non-fiction piece for that child who is a non-fiction junkie!… (more)
LibraryThing member dahabdabbler
Freedman’s use of primary source references – direct quotes from Maximilian’s journals and the artwork of Bodmer – made the story much more personal and the story became more interesting. Having that eyewitness account of the journey was the best part of the book. I enjoyed the chapters that dealt more with the life and culture of the Indian tribes. Freedman gives a list of places to visit, which would be great if in the area. His bibliography describes his use of the original translation and gives references for those interested in further reading. I can see how the use of nonfiction trade books would enhance a unit on Native Americans or explorers.… (more)




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