Science in Ancient Rome

by Jacqueline L. Harris

Hardcover, 1988



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937 Har (c.2) (hardcover)





Franklin Watts (1988), 72 pages


Describes how the Romans put to use and expanded the scientific achievements of earlier civilizations.


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72 p.; 7.75 inches

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LibraryThing member arlanahaines
The book Science in Ancient Rome by Jacqueline Harris is a very intriguing book. I think this is a book for older children. I would recommend it for middle school age children. The book is broke down in chapters that review the different contributions that ancient Rome has given American society.
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This book was very interesting and I found out many facts that I didn't know about; such as: Romans invented the use of arches in architecture. This book has so many facts that it would be a good resource for a paper.
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LibraryThing member hlmusiclover
This book could be useful in a history class on teaching the contributions of Ancient Romanic society. The book is highly informative and could be instrumental in a history lesson. The only problem that I had with this book was the intended audience that this book maybe introduced to. This book is
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too advanced for K-5 students; it would be more appropriate to have in a middle school history lesson. I liked how the author included information on how the Romans viewed science and how it applied to architecture and engineering feats. Rome was not revered for their scientific discoveries. Even more, they generally lacked an interest in the subject. They were known to be Stoics. All knowledge and ways of living that was contrary to this form of living was rejected. They possessed great understanding in medicine, engineering, architecture and even chemistry. Upon reading, I did not realized that they were credited for producing brass. Although they were not the first society to develop iron for making steel, they were the first to utilize it and thus made the steel sword its preferred weapon of choice in battle.
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