Pilot Mom

by Kathleen Benner Duble

Hardcover, 2003



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E Dub


Talewinds (2003), 32 pages


Jenny and her best friend K.C. accompany Jenny's mother, a tanker pilot in the Air Force, to the air base, where they explore her plane, a KC-135, prior to her departure on a training mission to Europe.


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Jenny’s mom, an Air Force tanker pilot, is preparing for a training mission. But before she goes, she takes Jenny and her best friend, K.C. to see the air base. Although both girls are eager to explore, K.C. thinks being a pilot is exciting but Jenny only worries about her mom being safe and wonders if she likes flying more than she likes being a mom.

Although a bit dated [with a reference to the Gulf War three years ago], the heart of the story is the relationship between mother and daughter, the difficulties of military parents having to be away from their families, and the positive look at a woman doing an important job. This is a book for parents to read with their children and to reassure them that nothing will take the child’s place in the parent’s heart.

Highly recommended.
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