Why Do Leaves Change Color?

by Betsy Maestro

Other authorsLoretta Krupinski (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1995



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Scholastic Inc (1995), 32 pages


Explains how leaves change their colors in autumn and then separate from the tree as the tree prepares for winter.


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LibraryThing member eadavis83
This book is very good for children to learn about seasons through the changing of leaves. It discusses the different types of leaves and when and why the leaves change color. This book also provides activities and places to visit so the children can see the change of colors in the leaves. The only
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problem with this book is that it has a lot of information in the book. This book could be read over a period of time to keep the children interested.
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LibraryThing member spring.rainbow
This book is an informational book about leaves. This book explains the cycle of leaves and its importance to trees. Leaves come in all shapes and sizes and can vary in their color depending upon what type of tree it is from. This book explains that the leaves are green in the springtime
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because of chlorophyll. Leaves help to feed and nourish the tree throughout the summer. As fall approaches, leaves on the trees begin to change color and will eventually fall off the tree. In the winter, the tree rests and the leaves have all fallen off. A new cycle begins.

Personal Reaction:
I liked reading this book. I liked the way this book is detailed about the cycle of leaves and how it relates to the trees and the weather. This book is definitely a book to have on hand to learn about trees and its leaves. I love being outside and around trees. I love nature and hiking.

Extension Ideas:
1. Take the class on a field trip and explore the trees and its leaves. Have the class look and feel the leaves. Discuss the differences of the trees and its proper leaves.
2. Have the class do a scavenger hunt on the property with supervision and bring back different types of leaves. See if the students can guess what type of leaf it is and what tree it may have come from.
3. Have the class make a collage of leaves and label them.
4. Have the class write in their journal the life cycle of the leaves.
5. Have each student draw a picture of their favorite season of trees and explain why its their favorite.
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LibraryThing member Bbanach
This book is about the changing of the leaves on trees. It tells why the leaves change colors. It also goes into telling us about what the leaves do and what the purpose of the leaves are for.

I love this book. I learned so much from this book. I did not know that the leaves had a purpose. I always
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thought they were just there. I am going to add this book to my collection.

In the classroom, we could get leaves and do art with them, like imprint them by rubbing them with a crayon. We could also press and iron them between wax paper and the children could take them home.
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LibraryThing member beth1219
Genre: Informational

Review: This is a good example of informational because the book is about leaves and why they change color. It explains about Chlorophyll making the leaves green and how when it gets cold and not as sunny, the Chlorophyll goes away leaving other colors such as yellow, orange,
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red and brown. The book has many diagrams and many examples of different types of leaves from different trees.

Media: Acrylic

Age Appropriateness: Primary, Intermediate
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LibraryThing member sethwatts
This book was a great book to teach students about leaves. The book starts by talking about the biology of the leaves, what they consist of, and what their purpose is. The book then goes on to talk about the color of the leaves. It mentions why they are green in the spring and summer, and then
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explains why they turn colors and fall off in the fall. The book gives great explanations and pictures to help a student understand leaves better.
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LibraryThing member mdgilmor
Fall is a curious time. Many kids ask questions such as "Why Do Leaves Change Color?" This is a great book to answer that question. It explains why some leaves change colors and why some go straight to brown and dead. The book also provides the reader with activities that involve the fall foliage.
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It is an interesting book that helps to answer questions that some students may have about the autumn season.
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LibraryThing member achatela
This book details about why leaves change as they go through seasons. This is the perfect book for little kids especially since a lot of them wonder why this happens.
LibraryThing member Kreho
This book can be used early on in the school year as a read aloud at the elementary level. I thought that this informational book was interesting with many great pictures.
LibraryThing member MDees
Autumn is a beautiful season. This book explains in a simple format why leaves change color. Leaves from different trees change to different colors in fall. The book has nice illustrations of leaves from various trees and the different colors they will become. It walks through the process of
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photosynthesis in a well laid out format that is easy for elementary students to read and comprehend.

I think this is a great informational book about fall. The illustrations are eye catching and enjoyable to look at. I enjoyed learning about the various trees and their colors.

I would use this book in conjunction with a nature walk in the fall. You could use the book to classify the various leaves found. You could also have students bring leaves they found at home and then compare them to the leaves in the book. It is a great addition to the photosynthesis concept in science.
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LibraryThing member Amanda.C
Summary: This book is about why the leaves change color.
My View point: I liked this book because it talks about the many diffrent kinds of leaves you can find and put the science simple for the children.
1. nature walk around the school
2. make scrapbook out of the leaves
LibraryThing member patsila
nice illustrations; information was not too boring or lengthy. Well-presented
LibraryThing member pamelapaige
Science fiction. fast short read. children wonder why leaves change colors. good pictures. teaches all about leaves.
LibraryThing member sarah.vargo
A look at what happens to make leaves change their color
LibraryThing member 32BASKETBALL
This is a great book for children to learn how and why the leaves change color and fall to the ground. It has a variety of leaves from different trees, which is good for them to know that there are different tress other than what they see around them.
LibraryThing member kdufrene
This book interacts with nature and the effect that seasons have on leaves. Each page goes through a season and what is happening to the leaves as they change. I really like that an activity is added to the end of the book. (Leaf rubbing)
LibraryThing member BrittanyCanales
This book starts talking about leaves like different sizes and shapes, describes what is going on inside the leaves, and how they help take care of trees. It talks about fall, the change in weather and daylight, and how trees are getting ready for the winter. During the fall the leaves
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change color and it explains why and how. When the leaves fall off the trees, either they get raked up or they become part of the soil. When all the leaves fall off the tree is ready for winter.
Personal Reaction
I liked this book and I’ve read it every year during fall. I think it helps with colors, shows that there are different types of leaves and trees, and also introduces seasons. It explains how trees and leaves stay alive but not in too much detail where the book loses the children’s attention.
We could go on a nature walk and find different types of trees and collect leaves. After we collect the leaves we can put them in between contact between contact sheets and have the children look at them with magnifying glasses. Another activity with can do with the leaves is place them under a piece of paper, color on top of the paper with the leaf still under it, and it makes the shape of the leaf.
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LibraryThing member ah932109
Summary of Book: This book is very informational. The book starts off in the autumn when the leaves begin to change colors. This book discusses different trees and the colors of leaves these trees will make when it becomes autumn. The leaves can either be red, yellow, golden, or brown. This book
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also describes the different shapes of leaves and how the leaves of the trees contain chlorophyll. When winter comes there is less water and sunlight, so the tree knows its time to get ready to rest. Without water the tree won't make chlorophyll so the leaves begin to die and fall off the tree. Leaves also contain pigment. The pigment in the leaves and the sugar are what makes the leaves colors brighter. The weather also has an impact on how colorful or dull the colors of the leaves will be too.

Personal Reaction: This book contained a lot of information on how leaves get their color. Students can learn a lot about the different types of trees and the leaves they produce. Gives students an idea of how the leaves get their color and how the leaves begin to fall off trees to get ready for winter.

Classroom Extension: 1) Have students collect different leaves.
2) Have students research the different types of leaves. Example: Have students research what type of leaf and what type of tree the leaf came off of.
3) Have students put the leaves in a binder.
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LibraryThing member theresazeigler
This book tells the reader how and why leaves change color and fall off the tree. I t also show what leaves from specific trees look like. This book also gives a brief, but very easy to understand description of photosynthesis. At the end of the book, there are some activities with
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directions on how to do them.

Personal Reaction: My freshman year of high school, I had to do a leaf notebook. I hated it. This book brought back some not so fond memories. I did enjoy this book and I will read this book to my six year old and nine year old children. I think it will help my older child understand photosynthesis more. I think it will also answer some of my six year old's why questions.

Classroom Extensions:
I would have children bring some leaves from home into class. I would have the children lay their leaves out on a table. I would then have the children sit on the floor as I read this book. After reading I would have the children look in the book and try to identify some or all of the leaves.
After reading this book, I would to the children for an outside walk around the school and help them identify some of the leaves we see. Then we could bring leaves back to the classroom and do the activities at the end of the book.
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LibraryThing member Miss_Annie_O
This book would be a great introductory book about the changing of leaves. It includes science words (chlorophyll), as well as plain language to explain what happens to the tree during each season. Kids learn about the seasons in elementary school and this book could be used to talk about each
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season (it could even be broken down into smaller segments for further study into each season itself).
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