Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You : Dr. Seuss's Book of Wonderful Noises

by Dr. Seuss

Board book, 1996



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R Seu




Random House Books for Young Readers (1996), 24 pages


Mr. Brown is an expert at imitating all sorts of noises.


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LibraryThing member gbill
Great word play from the master.
LibraryThing member sdlucas
This books is about Mr. Brown who can make many different sounds. Kids will be able to make sounds and interact with the teacher while she is reading the book. This book also identifies many objects and animals and can be a fun read aloud book.
LibraryThing member mrs.mackey
"Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You" is a cute book by Dr. Seuss about a man who can make all sorts of sounds. He makes sounds like animals, people, and objects.

"Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You" has always been a favorite in our house. I read this book to my kids almost eveynight at bedtime. They have heard it
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so many times that my four year old can recite the entire book from memory, and my one year old can make the correct sound at the correct time.

For the classroom, I would practice making all of the sounds with my class.
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LibraryThing member tallindian2007
This story is about a man and his adventure to hear and tell the sounds that different things make.
This book talks about the many different sounds that everything makes. This is simple for children to understand, yet still makes the student learn different types of word combination and the
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different rhymes and rimes.
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LibraryThing member bkullman
Fun to read with intonations and silly sounds. Engaging.
LibraryThing member PigOfHappiness
This lively Seuss tale explores the sounds found in common language and everyday experiences. An excellent book for a beginner reader. Appropriate for all ages...
LibraryThing member baphilipson
This is a great book for young children. It has a lot of different sounds in it. The students could interact with this book. A teacher could have her students repeat the sound after she says it. It also has a lot of rhyming words that a teacher could ask her students about.
LibraryThing member kellidenise
This picture book is about all of the wonderful sounds Mr. Brown can perform. He can imitate animals, the weather, and even insects. After describing a set of sounds, the narrator poses the question if the reader can make the sound like Mr. Brown.

I really enjoyed reading this book and read it to
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my son. The book itself is very colorful and we had fun imitating the sounds like Mr. Brown. The book has a catchy rhythm and makes the story flow smoothly from one page to the next. I also liked the fact that there isn't exactly a storyline a young reader has to remember. Each page presents a new sound and the book summarizes all of the sounds on the last page.

This would be an excellent book to read aloud for pre-schoolers or at a daycare. It exposes young children to several sounds and allows them the opportunity to try the noises themselves. I would also bring some of the items in the book like the clock and horn so the kids could see and hear the sound. We could also discuss some of their favorite sounds.
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LibraryThing member dgadkins88
I love this book!!! Mr. Brown tells about the wonderful things he can do, but always mentions to ask "Can you?" This is a fun, exciting book for children to read with no worries on staying focused. It has great sounds and lots of pictures to keep the children's eyes on the book.
LibraryThing member mercedesromero
This book is alot of fun! You make noises throughout the book. It's easy to read and children love it!
LibraryThing member ashtonrice
teaches children many sounds when they read!
LibraryThing member JDHensley
This story was about a man named Mr. Brown that can make the sounds of animals and things. Mr. Brown can make the sounds of animals and things and then remember the order of them in the middle of the story. This story teaches students to remember the order things happen in a story.
LibraryThing member aswideman
This is a cute book to read to youngers students. It shows rhythmic language and it also gets everyone involved in making sounds.
LibraryThing member denisecase
Mr. Brown can make sooo many different sounds. He can go like lightening and a golfish kiss. Can you? This book discovers a variety of sounds and noises that a person can make.

This was a favorite of my kids. I loved reading this rhyming, sing songy book. My kids loved to try to make the same noises
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that Mr. Brown could do. It was fun to listen to them try.

In a class you could talk about other noises that students could make. You could have cards with things such as the trees on a windy day, or an alarm clock. Listen to what the kids come up with. I would also take turns and have the kids make their favorite sound that Mr. Brown made. You could also bring in some noise makeres and discover the different sounds you can make with them.
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LibraryThing member michirenee87
Summery: Mr. Brown is a very talented man. He can imitate any noise you can think of. From a goldfish's kiss to a hippopotamus chewing gum--he can do it all! Throughout the book, Mr. Brown imitates a wide variety of noises and encourages kids to do the same.

Reflection: What a fun book! What kid
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doesn't like to make crazy sounds? I remember reading this as a child, and how fun it was to try and imitate the noises myself. The pictures make it all the more entertaining, and the poetry just makes it flow. Dr. Seuss gets it right every time!

Extension Ideas: A fun game to play after reading this book would be to use different instruments and objects to make noise and have the kids guess what it is. Another idea would be to take them to or show a video of a person doing sound effects for a movie.
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LibraryThing member julie_savage
This is a book that teaches onomatopoeia. It is a fun book that really shows students what onomatopoeia is and how to use it in writing. It is classic Dr. Seuss, but without any real story line. I would use this to teach onomatopoeia.
LibraryThing member conuly
This book is a quick (rhyming) runthough of the wonderful sounds Mr. Brown can do, starting with the prosaic (moo, moo, choo choo) to the obscure and absurd (a "goldfish kiss" (pip!) and a "hippopotomus chewing gum" (grum, grum, grum), those are just two examples).

This book is short, which makes it
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great for early readers and for toddlers learning to talk, as well as for those hurry-through-bedtime days.

It's also really interactive, so it's terrific for group storytimes, especially with more active little kids who don't just want to sit down quietly. Every page ends with the narrator asking if you can make that noise too - and trust me, they can.
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LibraryThing member crdutton
This is a great book to read to early readers. It has great use of rhyming words throughout the whole book, as do most Dr Seuss books. This book discusses the different sounds many animals make; such as a cow, a bee, and butterfly. It also discusses the sounds of other things, such as the rain. I
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enjoyed this book as a child and still enjoy reading it.
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LibraryThing member bissettm
A very cute book for young children. The book promotes interactivity and children will enjoying repeating the animals' sounds. Story time will not be a passive experience with this book!
LibraryThing member caitlin.wester
Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You? Is a wonderful children's book to incorporate rhyme and animal sounds together in a fun predictable way. Mr. Brown starts off immitating the sounds different animals make. He then makes the sounds of rain, trains, horns, clocks and doors.
LibraryThing member jbarr5
Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? by Dr. Seuss
Illustrated very colorful children's book showing you what Mr. Brown can do.
He can act and sound like so many silly combinations of animals it's truly a joy to read this because
it will leave you laughing so hard... Great for a rainy day.
LibraryThing member jzerba
This was the favorite of my nephew when he was 4 years old because I always stumbled through the page that had all the alliteration with the letter d. I think that this is a similar experience that many people have because it is such a fun book for kids with the funny words and sounds and the
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amusing storyline about Mr. Brown himself. The pictures aren't my favorite part of this book because it was written so well, but the bright and beautiful colors used definitely add to its apeal.
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LibraryThing member crfonten
This book is a great book for students to act out. It is a usual Dr. Seuss book with rhymes and silly plot. A great book to infroduce Dr. Seuss for an author study.
LibraryThing member paulweber
This classic Dr. Seuss book is a fun and and exciting read for young students, grades K-2nd. Students will have a blast following along in a read-aloud activity, as the rhyming and animal sounds will surely keep them hooked.
LibraryThing member CMJohnson
This is a cute book that has lots of neat sound effects to read! These books are the kind that keep little children entertained because of the funny sounds you read! It helps you think of many different sounds we hear from day to day.


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