The Icemark Chronicles #1: The Cry of the Icemark

by Stuart Hill

Hardcover, 2005





Chicken House (2005), 480 pages


Fantasy. Young Adult Fiction. HTML: After the death of her beloved father, headstrong princess Thirrin Freer Strong-In-The-Arm becomes warrior queen of her homeland, Icemark, defending it from a formidable invader. Despite Thirrin's bravery and the support of Oskan, the Witch's son, the task proves more difficult than Thirrin ever dreamed. She must assemble a force to rival her opponent. And, in the chill winter of Icemark, she only has until spring to unite the strange beasts and frightening creatures who live just outside her country. Ultimately, it is Thirrin's vision and determination that will see her through to victory..


Utah Beehive Book Award (Nominee — Young Adult — 2007)
Waterstones Children's Book Prize (Winner — Best Book — 2005)


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480 p.; 9 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member PatriciaUttaro
The boy says awesome! He's already read the next in the series.
LibraryThing member ashooles
Loved this book. Probably one of the most enjoyable books I have ever read. I loved reading Thirrin's journey to form allies with the most unexpected creatures. The werewolves, the snow leopards and the vampires. It's was wonderfully written
LibraryThing member chocolatechip
pretty good read, a little slow, and a lot about royal titles, its a fun fantasy read, but you have to be in to fantasy to enjoy it
LibraryThing member brainlair
This was an enjoyable book. Stuart Hill gives you just enough background information that you are not bored or bogged down. We knew that Thirrin would be able to take over when it was her turn. What we didn't know was how she would be able to fight the Empire. The book was action packed but with
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enough dialogue to make the action fun. Sometimes it was hard to believe that Thirrin was only 14, but that's because I was thinking of modern day 14-year-old children. It was hard to put this book down because Hill gave you just enough to make you keep going. The book club loved this book and immediately checked out the sequel: Blade of Fire.
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LibraryThing member cpotter
Thirrin is 13 years-old and in charge of saving her people and kingdom. The people of the Icemark are facing the most powerful army of the world. Thirrin realizes the need to establish allies and negotiates alliances with past enemies the wolffolk, and the vampires. She also searches out friends
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from hither-to legends the King of the Oak and the King of the Holly plus the snow leopards of the Ice Sheet.
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LibraryThing member chrisp5
The exciting book about a girl who is a princess who is more interested in fighting and being warrior than being a princess. She lives in a small but mighty country which is under attack by a huge emprie which is taking over the world one country at a time and the Icemark is next on the list and
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they need allies.
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LibraryThing member nm.spring08.c.mcbrid
I read all of this book! It is amazing. It's about Thirrin, a 14-yr-old princess, who becomes queen when her father dies. This is not an easy job, especially when the country of rule is at war with an empire 50 times it size! Talk about nightmares! How does Thirrin manage to not go completely
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insane? She gets alliances with creatures the Empire doesn't even believe in, and that have rarely been in alliances with humans: Vampires, Werewolves... you get the picture. This book is really good, just the right blend of action and suspense. I will probably read it again and again. Right from the beginning, it gets exciting. I looked at the last page going, "Wow, this book over 400 pages long and it's already exciting!" I would recommend this book to those who already love fantasy, or for those who, like me, hadn't truly enjoyed any fantasy books since they reread the entire Harry Potter series (I was so shallow.). Even if you're not really into that kind of thing, I say, try it. Read and enjoy!!
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LibraryThing member jtanny
I really loved the main character, Thirrin. I thought she was intelligent, resourceful and admirable. Her character had all the attributes of a traditional male hero without sacrificing many of the qualities that make her female. A very fast-paced and well-written book.
LibraryThing member lauraklandoll
This book is about a 13 year old, red headed princess, who has to defend her country from invaders. Princess Thirrin loses her father when he tries to stop the invinceble Scipio Bellorum in a massive fight. She works to acquire allies to help her small kingdon fight the ruthless General Bellorum.
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She has help from several friends and even finds a soulmate, Oskan.

I loved this book!! This was a very long book, but I did not notice. I could not put the book down. It was very exciting and very interesting.

This book would definitly be for older students, but I think it would send their imaginations into overdrive. This book could work well as a class reading project, each student reading some of the book on a regular basis. Also, a good book for exploring what happens when people help each other, and stick to the goal.
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LibraryThing member turtlesleap
The story is about a young princess, thrust into the role of queen of her country by the sudden death of her father who is killed in battle with a ruthless enemy bent on conquering "the Icemark." Most of the book is devoted to the young heroine's attempts to forge an alliance to defend her country
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and to the battle which is the critical conclusion of the story.

Fantasy, in order to be satisfying, needs to offer the reader a world created by the author; a world strange and new enough to keep the reader's interest and provide an adequate background to the action. This creation should have a certain integrity. That is to say, the parts should fit together in some way that makes them logical and reasonable--regardless of how much a flight of fancy is involved. "Icemark" does not create a world so much as it borrows elements, often jarringly dissonant elements, from the mythos of other times and other lands and sort of boils them all together in a stew. Renaming a catapult a "rockapult" doesn't involve creation. It's just silly. Injecting a "Fat Old Elf" into the Yule festivities of a (sort of) Norse community is jarring. I was never able to lose myself in this book and I found the heroine to be entirely dislikeable. She comes across as petulant, rude, often stupid and insensitive. The personality that the author has created would simply not be capable of ruling or succeeding in the way he has his heroine succeed. In addition to all this, the slipping and sliding of point of view--two or three characters to a page--was distracting. Still, Hill gets it right from time to time. His descriptions of scenery are often very good, the voice of Maggiore was the strongest POV in the book (pity it wasn't used consistently) and the character of the boy Oskan actually rounded out a bit as the book progressed.
Lastly, Hill could benefit from a good proof reader. Some of the grammatical errors in the book made me wince. I realize this book was nominally written for the younger reader but it doesn't respect the intelligence of a reasonably bright 13-year old, who would be the most likely reader.
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LibraryThing member sparklegirl
The story of Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-arm Lindenshield as she becomes queen and fights for her country's freedom aginst the massive Polypontian army.
LibraryThing member Rhinoa
Thirrin is a young (14 year old) warrior Princess who will lead her people after her father dies. She has grown up educated in the art of war despite her young age and it is all she lives for. She lives in Icemark which is a small kingdom in the North which has harsh winters. A mighty Southern
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empire (Polypontian empire based on the Romans) threatens the safety of the country and it is up to Thirrin to save her people. She has the help of Oskan, a powerful male witch who could go dark.

She discovers allies in unusual places. First there are the wolf people when she takes a chance and spares the life of one who turns out to be their ruler. The wolf people then lead her to the vampires in the Land of the Ghosts and to the giant snow leopard’s in the far north. The problem is will her allies reach her before her enemy defeats them and will they keep to their promises.

This was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to the second book in the series. I really warmed to the characters and especially loved the spoiled cat Primplepuss. Likewise I really liked the snow leopards and the differences in their impulses and the way they reacted to situations.
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LibraryThing member jhughes84
Cry of the Icemark is the story of young Thirrin, a warrior princess to the land of Icemark. Shortly after her 14th birthday, she is officially made heir to the throne in the case of her father's death. Soon after, an army from the south begins to invade north towards Icemark hoping to overtake the
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small land and claim it as its own. After her father's brave death in battle Thirrin is then faced with the large responsibility of Queen. Knowing she cannot defeat the invading army she reaches out to the most unlikely sources for allies involving the Wolf-folk, the King and Queen of the Vampires, and the Snow Leopards.
This book has the coming of age quality that one would look for in a young adult novel, Thirrin tends to be very unsure of herself at times stating that she hopes people don't notice that she's making this up as she goes. Along with Thirrin is a Warlock who is her age, her Royal Advisor, and must face his decision of turning to the light or the dark. I found the battle scenes quite vivid, and the tension between technology and the unknown thought-provoking. Overall, I didn't love this book, but I didn't hate it either.
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LibraryThing member wartywillinicky
This book, the first in the series, is about a princess, Thirrin Strong-In-The-Arm Lindenshield, and a warlock, Oskan. Thirrin's father, Redrought Strong-In-The-Arm Lindenshield died protecting his land, Icemark, from the conquest of Scipio Bellorum. When Thirrin finds out that her kingdom is in
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danger, she set out to find allies to help her in her campaign to defend her kingdom. During her campaign, she allies herself with werewolves, vampires, snow leopards, the spirits of the forests, and the warlock, Oskan.

This book is very unique. The wording is like nothing that I have ever read, and it is amazing!! If you are going to read only one book in your life, choose this one.
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LibraryThing member stephblueberry
All thought the last time i read this book was years ago this book remains one of my favorites. It was a great tale and read pretty quickly.
LibraryThing member DebbieMcCauley
When Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield, Wild Cat of the North's father dies in a battle with a overwhelming invading army, 13-year-old Thirrin becomes queen of her small country, the Icemark. Forming alliances with the unlikelist creatures is the only way to defend her country during the
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coming battles. Her allies eventually include the werewolves, the Vampire's and the massive talking snow leopards. She is helped along the way by Oskan, the Witch's son, whose power's remain untapped for now.

This tale is interesting, but it didn't capture me in the way that other fantasy books have and I wonder if that is because the characters could have been developed more. I'm still debating whether to read the second one or not.
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LibraryThing member drachenbraut23
Another one of my re-reads, and another excellent book. It's more less a military fantasy adventure with lots of different interesting cultures. First we have the people of the Icemark. The majority of these people are like the old-fashioned Vikings and a small part of them are the Hypollitan's
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which appear to be like the Amazons. We also find Witches, Warlock's and the spring and winter king's of the forrests. Then we meet the Werewolf clans who can speak the human language. In the Ghostlands we meet Vampire's, Ghost's, Ghouls, Trolls and other interesting creatures. Far in the north we have the intelligent, gentle and fierce huge leopard warriors. Then there are the bad guys who appear to be modelled after the Roman Empire - called the Polipontans.

The story starts off with the Polipontans a nasty Empire who invades the Icemark. During the first battle dies the King of the Icemark and leaves his, 14 year old, daughter Thirrin as Queen. She and her, 15 year old, friend Oskan a warlock, go on a quest to recruit all the allies they can find to defeat this massive armie. Although, both are very young they have to mature very quick in order to defend their country and all they love. Again, a beautifully written book, which was very engaging.
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LibraryThing member ScoutJ
Excellent beginning to yet another young adult novel set in vaguely med/renn times. Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield, Wildcat of the North, is heir to the throne of the Icemark and a skilled warrior, though only 13 at the start of the tale. She has a lot of responsibility laid in her
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lap very early on and must succeed or her homeland will be doomed to fall to the great Polypontian Empire. Great pacing, interesting story, looking forward to #2!
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LibraryThing member frozenplums
Think Game of Thrones on small scale.
LibraryThing member CharityBradford
It took a while to get into, but I found myself enjoying it. It finished so that I don't have to read the next book if I don't want to, and right now I don't feel the need. I liked the ending as it was. :)
LibraryThing member Xleptodactylous
"How do we know we can trust you?"
"You don't know that you know you can trust me. You'll just have to trust me."
Paraphrasing, but that's the gist of it. I quite like the premise but this book was written with children in mind, or so it seemed. The King's behaviour made me want to throw up all over
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my kindle (he had yellow fluffy slippers on the banquet table) and the way the Princess acts is nowhere near what I'd imagine her to be like. It was just all so twee.
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LibraryThing member jerenda
It's very exciting, that's for sure. The story of a young warrior-queen who has to grow up very quickly and defend her kingdom from the biggest threat in the known world is incredibly exciting and kept me fascinated the entire time. Also, I'm learning a lot about battle tactics and diplomacy that
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I'd never find out from a history book. It's not the best written book in the world, but it is poigantly moving and uses the sometimes clumsy phrasings to good effect.
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