Atlas of the Roman world

by Tim Cornell

Hardcover, 1982



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New York : Facts on File, c1982.


Relates the history of the Roman empire 800 BC-500 AD, from the foundation of Rome through the conquest of Italy, the Mediterranean, and beyond, to the disintegration of the empire. Includes 470 illustrations and 62 maps.

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240 p.; 31 cm

Media reviews

Philadelphia Inquirer
"...a superbly compact yet thorough, heavily illustrated and well-written history of the rise, zenith and decline of the Roman Empire."
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Traveler's Book Society
"...stunning gift ... magnificently illustrated..."
"...a first rate pictorial history of the people that ruled the ancient world."
Christian Science Monitor
"If you've ever wanted a concise, extremely well-illustrated introduction to ancient Rome ... this is the book."

User reviews

LibraryThing member Othniel
My copy is plum worn out. This cultural atlas has become one of my most treasured resources. I have owned and consulted it for years, and now use my copy for research, preparing for teaching Sunday School, travel planning, and helping the boys with their homework. The atlas is particularly useful
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when exploring Rome beyond Italy, especially in the Western and Northern provinces. Oddly, the principal shortcoming is a good map of Italy and Sicily during the Empire. Anyone who touches the Roman World can benefit from this work, and know that his or her resulting communication of that World to others will be more compelling.
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