Winter of the Ice Wizard (Magic Tree House 32)

by Mary Pope Osborne

Other authorsSal Murdocca (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2004



Local notes

Fic Osb (c.1)





Random House Books for Young Readers (2004), 128 pages


Jack and Annie are joined by Teddy and Kathleen as they travel to the snowy Land-Behind-the-Clouds, where they search for the eye of the Ice Wizard and attempt to help Merlin and Morgan.


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LibraryThing member everydaymagic
Jack and Annie were sent on a mission by the ice wizard to retreive his eye from the fates or he would not tell them where Mogan and Merlin were
LibraryThing member skeeterbo
I liked the book a little because it was about nature and wolves. Arrrooohhhhh! It was very cool because it was about a wizard.
LibraryThing member jzerba
An exciting tale that involves merlin the magician who Annie and Jack must save from the ice wizard who lost his eye. I haven't read one of these books in a long time, but I missed how exciting they can be. The black and white illustrations throughout just help out the story move along in such a
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fast speed pace. It is so greatly written, but it will not get the credit it deserves because it is "just a magic treehouse book", but it really is great literature. It teaches without the child even realizing there was a lesson there, when the wizard lost his eye and sight he also lost his heart like Merlin said, because you also see with your heart. What a great thought and idea, I enjoyed this book very much.
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