La casa del árbol # 8 Medianoche en la Luna (Spanish Edition) (Magic Tree House Book #8)

by Mary Pope Osborne

Paperback, 2004



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PB Osb





Lectorum Pubns (Juv) (2004), Edition: 1o, 74 pages


The magic treehouse takes Jack and Annie to a moon base in the future where they continue to search for the fourth thing they need to free their friend Morgan from the magician's spell.


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74 p.; 7.75 inches

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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Jack and Annie have to go to the moon to find the last object to free Morgan Le Fay from her spell. Finding the object turns out to have an extra problem- finding it without running out of air! They find the object, make it back, and undo the spell.
LibraryThing member benuathanasia
I picked this book up expecting to feel brain cells dying as I read it. I was very wrong; I can see why my students enjoy this series so much. It's very well written (albeit extremely simplistic) and interesting. It was an extremely quick read and is educational, to boot!
LibraryThing member bekstrom
I think that this book is a good example of fantasy. It allows students to experience an unimaginable journey to the moon in a unique way. It is unrealistic how they arrived there and what they must do there, but students get to learn about different aspects of space and the moon through this
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story. The setting is developed well, it is very important for the reader to understand the environment that children are experiencing. The time is also important to know that the children go ahead to the future, the year 2031 on the moon. This helps the reader understand that the moon base doesn't exist right now. I would use this book in an intermediate classroom. The type of media used is pencil.
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LibraryThing member fullerl
In this adventure, Jack and Annie find themselves headed to the moon to find the fourth and final item needed to help undo the magic spell that has been cast on their magical librarian friend, Morgan LeFay. While on the moon, Jack and Annie explore a moon station (built in the future), drive a moon
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car, experience walking on the moon in their space suits, and run into a mysterious 'moon man'. Their fourth item ends of being a moon rock. When they return to the moon station with the rock they say a little rhyme and the spell is broken! And what a surprise - they realize their friend Morgan has been with them all along.
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LibraryThing member Atalie
0-This book is a great read for beginners and more advanced readers. Beginning readers love to have the book read to them as they follow along because they know some of the words but still have issues with most. The words are printed large enough for them to follow along closely. More advanced
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readers are able to read and get into the adventure. This book also has a resource book available that explains the facts of the book and explores more elements of the moon. This book has the children travel in to the future and land on the space station. They are able to explore space and learn about the solar system. They have to find the special object to free Morgan from an evil spell. This book may engage children to learn more about the solar system.
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LibraryThing member gra29
This is quite a deep book for a children's book. It is a great fantasy for children.
LibraryThing member jlhardy
Book Summary: Jack and Annie are on an adventure around the world to save a magical librarian named Morgan. Morgan was put under a spell by a famous magician. Jack and Annie have already found three objects that begin with the letter "M" in old Japan, the Amazon Rain Forrest, and in the Ice Age.
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Now, they will travel into the future to the Moon in order to find the forth thing that begins with the letter "M".

Content Summary: adventure
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LibraryThing member alexandrose
Jack and Annie got a mission to go to the moon to do they're mission.
While they are going they make big mistakes but at the end everything is good.
LibraryThing member djd016
• Jack and Annie are sent forward in time 40 years and land on the international space station on the moon. Once there they explore the space station, drive a moon buggy, walk on the moon in space suits, and run into a “moon man”. Jack and Annie are in search of the fourth item needed to
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break a spell put on their friend Morgan le Fay. When attempting to communicate with the moon man he only wrote back on a notepad a bunch of stars. Jack and Annie wondered about this but moved on and found a moonstone and thought it was the last m thing but it wasn’t. Jack then thought to connect the stars that the moon man wrote to make a constellation. The constellation made a mouse and they then found out that peanut, their mouse friend, was the last m thing. The mouse also was Morgan le Fay all along.
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LibraryThing member jesaltman
This is a book from a series about Annie and Jack who go on different adventures to try and save Morgan. They have to come up with 4 M pieces in order to free her. This adventure takes place on the moon and they are able to learn different facts about the moon and find the 4th M thing to free
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Morgan...great adventure!
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LibraryThing member marybe789
adventure, growing up, space, moon
LibraryThing member skeeterbo
It was cool. I liked the spaceman and the moon buggy. I wish I could go to the moon and say that I was the first kid ever to journey to the moon.
LibraryThing member thuvan0301
It was their last riddle they need to solve before becoming a Master Librarian. The magic tree house brought them to to moon. While they were exploring the moon, they saw a moon man, decided to run from him and both of them fallen down and couldn't get up. The moon man came to rescue and give them
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the clue to solve the riddle.
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LibraryThing member dubeh
Great read for children that like adventure. Annie and Jack are brother and sister. They are trying to find things that start with the letter "M" so that they can free their friend Morgan from the spell that Merlin cast upon her. They have to find four "M" things before they can free Morgan. This
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book shows them finding the last "M" thing. A great tale of learning new things about the universe and persevering to save a friend.
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LibraryThing member billsearth
Very good story for children.
LibraryThing member shsunon
In this futuristic adventure, Jack and Annie must find the final item which begins with the letter "m", in order to free Morgan le Fey from a magic spell. With their mouse friend, Peanut, they find themselves in a mysterious space dome on the moon. They explore the moon's craters and mountains,
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then find an American flag and a message which reads:
"Here men from the Planet Earth
First set foot upon the moon
July 1969 A.D.
We came in Peace
For all mankind"
Jack and Annie learn much about the moon and encounter a giant spaceman. Is this giant being a friend or foe? Will they find the "m" item on the barren moon?
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LibraryThing member kbrash1
In my opinion, “Midnight on the Moon” is a great adventure book, and it was highly enjoyable to read. The way the book is written, for example, is one of its most delightful features. Mary Pope Osborne has a natural way of writing a book that is adventurous and detailed, yet elementary in
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style, with very few inferences in the text. The book contains a lot of dialogue between the two main characters, which makes the story engaging. This story is also written using a lot of descriptive language, allowing for vivid visualization: “The wind started to blow. The tree house started to spin. It spun faster and faster and faster. Then everything was silent. Absolutely silent. As quiet and still as silent could be.” There is also onomatopoeic language incorporated in the story. For example, when Jack and Annie (the main characters), first jump out onto the moon, the author used the sound-word “boing” to demonstrate the sound and movement of traveling in a place without strong gravity. There were a few characters that seemed less important throughout the story, but became very significant at the end. The two main characters, however, are both very likeable, but they had many differences. Jack’s character is older, more cautious, more methodical, and wiser. Annie, on the other hand, though her character is adorable, she is playful, more impulsive, adventurous, and reckless. Her personality is charming and she uses words and phrases that are cute and funny, like when she refers to the moon base as a “space hotel.” There are very few illustrations in “Midnight on the Moon.” I like that the illustrator decided to include them because I think the illustrations reflect the story, and can be helpful in visualizing and comprehending the story, as in the diagram of the moon base, for example. Also, when Annie sees the moon man from a distance, the illustration is encased in a circular shape to show that she is looking through the telescope, and therefore that the moon man is quite far away. I really enjoy the extra dimension added to the illustrations by giving them a purpose – to support the text. The illustrations are finely detailed, but also plain in some ways. For example, they are sketched in pencil and they are not colored, though I feel that is appropriate to the text. I feel that the big idea of “Midnight on the Moon” is that you never know what is yet to be discovered.
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LibraryThing member sarahmetcalf
There are two kids named Jack and Annie and they are looking for the 5th M thing. They go all over the world because this angle named Morgan gives them trips to go on and they have to find thing that she needs to finish the book or she needs them for something. So if they want to go somewhere all
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they have to say is I want to go there and the tree house will spin and spin and then the tree house is still then they are where ever they wanted to go. The place they wanted to go was the moon and when they were on the moon. Then when they were in the moon base they looked around and they saw a closet that said spacesuits and they picked the smallest pair for both of them and they put them on. The put everything on and they went out on one of the moon buggies and they rode around the moon then they saw a sign that said the first man to step on the moon and it said their name and when it happened. Then they put a sign next to the flag and said that we Jack and Annie are the first kids to step foot on the moon for kid kind also for every kid that wanted to go on the moon will some day.
When they got home and they went back to bed so their mother would not ask them where have you ben and then they had to put their clothes on the chair they have in their room so their mom would not know where they have ben.
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LibraryThing member Othemts
I believe this is the first Magic Tree House story where Jack & Annie travel to the future. It's a whimsical adventure in which they go to a moonbase and then set out to explore the moon in search of a macguffin. It's fun with a bit of mystery. Who was that man on the moon after all?
LibraryThing member SqueakyChu
This was a fun book to read to my three-year-old grandson. It was the first chapter book that he let me read to him. I gave him advance warning that the book is mostly words and very few pictures. I also told him that I would only read one chapter to him at a time.

He chose this book because he is
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interested in all things outer space and loved the cover illustration. He sat quietly and listened carefully to each chapter. After reading it to him, he said he wanted to keep this book. However, he does not want me to read him any chapter books about subjects which don't interest him. He has become quite the discriminating young reader.

With this book, I have developed an appreciation for the Magic Tree House Books and will look for others which have interesting themes.
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LibraryThing member apoffenroth13
Jack and Annie are at it again, this time in search for the fourth "m" thing. Annie thinks that the full moon might help them, so at midnight, the siblings leave the house and head for the tree house. Jack and Annie end up on a base on the moon. But they are in the future, at least in the year
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2031. They children suit up and head out on their moon adventure. After just missing getting hit by a mediorite and falling into the moon dust, a strange space man helps them up and gives them a drawing with a bunch of stars. Back at the base, Jack and Annie figure out that the stars make a mouse constellation and the mouse, Peanut, who had been with them in their last few adventures, was the fourth M object. (Fantasy)
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LibraryThing member James.Rose3
i love it !
LibraryThing member jfe16
Filled with books, the Magic Tree House can take children to any place that exists in a book. The Magic Tree House belongs to Morgan le Fay, a magical librarian from the time of King Arthur who travels through time and space collecting books for her library.

When Morgan falls under a magician’s
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spell, seven-year-old Annie and eight-year-old Jack set out to find the four things that will free her. They’ve found three items and the Magic Tree House takes them to the future, to a base on the moon, to find the final thing. Can they count on help from the mysterious moon man? Will they find the “M” thing that will free Morgan?

Eighth in the Magic Tree House series, “Midnight on the Moon” takes the children on their search for the fourth and final item needed to free their friend. A prologue provides the necessary backstory so that young readers new to the series will have no problem following the story. This enchanting addition to the series is sure to please young readers.

Highly recommended.
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LibraryThing member Briars_Reviews
Magic Tree House was an amazing, middle grade series I used to read back in my youth. I binged these books for the Summer Reading Challenge, but they never had all of them in order. So, much like my youth, I'm randomly finding these books out of order and reviewing them. Why not? I need the
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nostalgia trip.

This book is sweet, fun and highly enjoyable. I can easily see middle graders throwing themselves in this series to find out the mysteries going on with the Magic Tree House. This imaginative series brings our leads to the moon this time, and it feels realistic. It doesn't feel goofy or not real, which is awesome.

If you're seeking a short chapter book that is highly engaging, grab this series! It holds up all these years later.

Four out of five stars.
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