Frozen Fire

by Tim Bowler

Hardcover, 2008





Philomel Books (2008), Edition: First Edition Thus, 336 pages


Fifteen-year-old Dusty gets a mysterious call from a boy who says he is going to kill himself, and while he claims to have called her randomly, he seems to know her intimately.


Colorado Blue Spruce Award (Nominee — 2013)
Concorde Book Award (Shortlist — 2009)
Southern Schools Book Award (Winner — 2008)


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336 p.; 9.25 inches

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LibraryThing member madamowski
Book started with a great beginning, but slowed down considerably. Sensitive issues such as rape was dominant...include in high school bib for Summer 2009.
LibraryThing member jennyriley
This book had a very gripping beginning, but the rest was extremely unfulfilling. I found myself being forced to sit through the rest. I didn't feel like I got anything out of reading it.
LibraryThing member stephxsu
Dusty doesn’t know anything about the boy who mysteriously calls her one night as he attempts to commit suicide, then startles her with all the personal things he knows about her and her life—like the disappearance of her brother, Josh. All she knows that there is something terribly alluring
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yet dangerous about him at the same time. Her curiosity drags her into an out-of-this-world intriguing mystery that makes her enemies and drives her to her tomboyish limits.

For there really ARE a lot of things strange about the boy. Like how he knows all of these intimate details about people. Or how he disappears without a trace. And then there are the stories that the angry mob from other towns tell, of the boy having a certain hold over girls and then raping them, of him disarming or killing living beings with just one wave of his hand.

Dusty doesn’t know how to feel about this boy. Her family, the cops, her friends, the mob—all are telling her to stay away from him, she is only going to implicate herself if she continues to mess things up so that it looks like she’s helping him. But all Dusty is certain of is that the mysterious boy is the key to finding out what happened to her brother Josh, all those many years ago.

And for that, she can’t stop getting involved, until her very life is in mortal danger.

FROZEN FIRE is interesting a fairly well-written. A lot happens at once, which may confuse some readers, but it is a worthwhile story, with a satisfying ending.
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LibraryThing member cattwing
With chilling suspense, this book grabbed me so hard I was stunned. But then I was completely ticked off when the source of all the suspense was left unexplained in a disapointing ending. So I would only recommend this if you can settle for a very vague conclusion. The author did do an amazing job
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with setting up the mystery though... a fascinating read if not satisfying.
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LibraryThing member samlives2
Dusty answers the phone when she's home alone one night and suddenly her whole world is turned upside-down by an androgynous person who most people assume is male, and who carries with him stories of rape and disgrace, along with a simple white ocarina. With his arrival, Dusty's town is thrown into
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an uproar, and a chase on the verge of a witch-hunt begins. All the while Dusty is forever drawn to the boy (as the town calls him) by possible clues as to the whereabouts of her brother and childhood best friend, who disappeared years before.
While I was disappointed by an unclear ending, the lack of an explanation was made up for by a clearing up of different facts, one that puts Dusty at least partly at rest and which I won't reveal so as not to spoil the ending for anyone who has yet to read this intriguing novel.
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LibraryThing member Euphoria13
Everything starts with one phone call and a voice on the other side of the line that says to Dusty "I am dying". Tim Bowler starts this Amazing story with a simple line in which the moment you have begun to read, you will want to do nothing else but continue this story. You will not stop until you
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have reached the very last page. 15 year old Dusty knows how to take care of herself. 2 years ago her older brother Josh disappeared and her Mother walked out of her life. Ever since it has always been just her and Dad, living alone in Thorne Cottage.

But after that mysterious phone call that Dusty receives, her life is about to be shaken up. How is it that this boy obtained her number? Even more mysterious, how is it that he says things to her that no one else but herself can possibly know? Personal and intimate things, such as the disappearance of her brother? But Dusty comes to realize that this boy is not normal and from decoding the tone of his voice and the sounds from the background of wherever he could be, she makes the choice to look for him in the cold and lonely winter night.

She knows that he has answers to the questions that she could never phantom. If anyone can tell her the reasons of why things happened, he can. But he warned her that he's dangerous and the he is unlike anything she has known, and little by little his presence begins to cause fear and anger to the people of her town. Rumors begin to surface of the sickening things he has done in nearby towns. No one knows who he is or where he came from, not even the Police who are conducting a major investigation. Dust encounters danger from the unexpected of places. But deep down, she knows that this boy is not like what the rumors describe him. She is willing to do anything it takes to find him and protect him. Even if that means that her very life could be in serious danger.

There are so many things that i want to say about this book! Because it was so good! It only took me 2 days to read this book- goes to show you just how much i got into this story. Tim Bowlers description and setting of this story was life like! Not to mention Beautiful! The lonely winter backdrop of a town with beautiful landscapes such as a Kilbury Moor, Raven's Fell and the long still lake. The winter made this story so eerily haunting. I really loved that about this story. The setting really made it all come to life.

Pick up this book guys! Trust me, you will instantly fall into this story and be lost within its mystery and beauty!
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LibraryThing member lauriehere
Reading this now, but Dusty, a teenage girl, is being stalked by a boy who no one can see or find. He says he is to dangerouus to find, which is why no one can find hin, incl,uding Dusty.
LibraryThing member snussbaum
A mind blowing adventure of one girl and many unanswered questions, frozen fire takes you on a jorney to figure out the truth behind the mystery people are trying to solve




½ (84 ratings; 3.6)
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