Juliet Dove, Queen of Love

by Bruce Coville

Paperback, 2004





Hodder Children's Books (2004), 256 pages


A shy twelve-year-old girl must solve a puzzle involving characters from Greek mythology to free herself from a spell which makes her irresistible to boys.


Black-Eyed Susan Book Award (Nominee — 2006)


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LibraryThing member abbylibrarian
Juliet Dove doesn't have many friends. Although no one at school would believe it, she's painfully shy. So shy, in fact, that she uses sharp words to keep others from paying attention to her (which is how she's earned the nickname "Killer"). One day when running away from two girls at school,
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Juliet finds herself at the Magic Shop and she's drawn to a beautiful amulet. When the lady at the shop gives it to her, Juliet is surprised, but pleased. But when she puts it on, she discovers something strange happening. First, her best friend Arturo seems to be paying more attention to her looks and he's saying strange things to her. Then she notices all the boys at school seem suddenly smitten with her... Juliet discovers that the locket she's been given was previously owned by Helen of Troy, there's some powerful magic at work in it, and she can't take it off. With the help of a couple of enchanted rats, Juliet must break the spell that the necklace has put on her... before it's too late.

I was nonplussed by this book until I got about halfway through and discovered that the plot had a lot to do with gods and goddesses. Then it became a lot more interesting. The full-cast recording is nice, although one of the rats has a very annoying high-pitched voice. I think if I had been reading it, I would have put it down before I got to the good part, I am sorry to say...
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LibraryThing member ellie1
juliet dove is an ordanery girle untill she findes an amulet!
LibraryThing member SamanthaMulkey
I was not a fan of this story. I listened to the audio version of this book. I found it was a little boring and far fetched, it was hard for me to get through the whole thing. I can see why a young girl would love this book, but it just was not for me.
LibraryThing member GEMaguire
Juliet Dove shy girl with an extremely quick and sharp wit. Juliet prefers to blend into the crowd and not be noticed. After a visit to Mr. Elives' magic shop, it's like Juliet has a flashing light on her head. Once Juliet realizes what is making her the center of attention she is on a mission to
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ditch the "magnet" that makes her irresistible. An amazing adventure begins.

Grades: 6-8

Classroom use: Middle School, Magic and Supernatural, Pride and Self-Esteem, Romantic Relationships
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LibraryThing member mutantpudding
This was the only book in this series that I had not read previously and I really enjoyed it! I found the effects of the amulet the protagonist acquires to be a bit creepier than I think the author intended, and I wish I could read Juliets mom's comic strip irl.


½ (55 ratings; 3.6)
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