Ralph S. Mouse (Ralph S Mouse Book #3)

by Beverly Cleary

Paperback, 2006



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PB Cle






Presents the further adventures of a motorcycle-riding mouse who goes to school and becomes the instigator of an investigation of rodents and the peacemaker for two lonely boys.


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LibraryThing member ChelseaHopton
Thess Beverly Cleary books about Ralph S. Mouse are wonderful books to read to children. The mouse makes the story cute and fun to read to children. The mouse is always into something. These books would be great books to assign for summer reading or classroom reading.
LibraryThing member skeeterbo
I liked the book because it was about a mouse, and I love animals. It wasn't the best book, but I enjoyed when Ryan's mother and Brad's dad got married at the end of the book. They became step-brothers.
LibraryThing member klc400
This chapter book would be something that boys would like. It is about a boy and a mouse so i think boys could really enjoy it. It also has to do with a mouse riding a motorcycle and i feel like all boys would like to read something like that.
LibraryThing member JR19
good book for the people who enjoyed Stuart Little. It is about the mouse named Ralph goes to his friend, Ryan's school to find somewhere to live.
LibraryThing member HippieLunatic
Ralph S. Mouse is a nice break from the other young reader novels that I have been picking up for nursing time with my infant. It isn't all that consuming, and there were a few moments I found that I was at least chuckling internally.

I might be a fairly strict parent when it comes to words my small
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children can use, but I found myself cringing as much as chuckling. While there were certainly no words that I wouldn't say in front of my grandparents, there were uses of other words that I found myself editing. Yes, Cleary grasped how children (and mice?) speak, but in a book attempting to teach lessons, words such as stupid to describe another person seemed out of place.
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LibraryThing member aezeek
I remember the Beverly Cleary series being one of my favorite while growing up in elementary school. Ralph S. Mouse lives in a hotel under an old grandfather clock. Almost all of his relatives live upstairs and some live downstairs. Ralph has a middle name and a last name just like people. His
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middle name is Smart and his last name is Mouse. He has a motorcycle that he loves to ride through the halls. His relatives get greedy because he won't share with them. They call him greedy and stupid and he gets mad at everyone and puts it away and goes to sleep under the clock. He wakes up the next morning and goes to school in Ryan's yellow parka coat, where he soon becomes a science experiment conducted by Ryan's class...! This book was much better when I was younger, but I enjoyed revisiting my childhood.
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LibraryThing member setonhansen
This book is about a mouse with a motorcycle who goes to school with a young boy. When the class finds out about him they do a project regarding mice. The newspaper inaccurate reports on the project so the students write letters to the editor and the mouse goes back to his original home.
LibraryThing member cejerry97
Ralph S. Mouse is a story about a talking, living mouse who lives in a hotel with his mouse family. Ralph decides to go to school with his human friend Ryan in order to protect his family and the innkeeper, Matt, from getting in trouble at the inn. Ralph learns many lessons at school, including how
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to run a maze and how to get along with people! He also helps Ryan make friends with the school bully. This book could be used to teach children the value of accepting others!
Type: Chapter/picture book - advanced
Genre: Fantasy
Pictures: pencil/painted
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LibraryThing member vabrazzolotto
Ralph meets Ryan in the hotel. Ralph is mad at his family so he goes to school with the boy. The studetns run tests on him. He motorcycle breaks and at the end he reunites with his family.
LibraryThing member jbbarclay
Ryan meets a mouse living in his hotel named Ralph. Ralph goes to school with Ryan and his friends use Ralph for different tests. Ralph's car gets broken and then he goes back home to his mouse family and drives them all around in his fixed car.
LibraryThing member srrush
a little boy meets a mouse and takes him to school. The mouse breaks his motorcycle and the kids use the mouse as a test rat. He goes back home to his family and realizes how great they are!
LibraryThing member jlowens4
In the book, "Ralph S. Mouse" Ralph is a mouse. Ralph decides he wants to leave his home, so he persuades his friend Ryan to taking him to school with him. At school Ralph eats all the leftovers from lunch, while doing this he has a run in with the janitor. Ralph then decides to go help his friend
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Ryan with his bully. Ryan bully, Brad and him become friends again and Ralph mouse returns to his home at Mountain View Inn.
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LibraryThing member ewang109
Cleary, B. (1982). Ralph S. Mouse. New York: Morrow Junior Books.

Adventures continue with Ryan Brambie and his pet mouse, Ralph Smart Mouse. One night, Ralph rides his motorcycle, causing dirt streaks across the floor of the inn. The next morning, Mr. Minch, the inn’s manager, yells at Matt, the
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desk clerk. Mr. Minch complains that dried mud covers the floor; the inn smells “mousey;” and mouse droppings are everywhere. Ralph believes that he is to blame for getting Matt in trouble. He then decides to leave the inn to prevent Matt from losing his job. Where does Ralph go? He goes to school with Ryan. Thinking that his problems are gone, Ralph discovers that he must run a maze to demonstrate his intelligence.

This animal fantasy is convincing. Cleary helps readers to imagine a world where the human world is not always so kind to animals, especially to little, helpless mice. The author gives Ralph a range of emotions. He is prideful in the beginning of the book, and humbled at the end of the story. The framework of the story is consistent. He talks to several humans, all who understand him. The underlying truths of the story are perseverance through adversity and the love and acceptance of a family.
Ralph S. Mouse is a perfect introduction to fantasy for children. It could be compared to other animal fantasies, such as the Bunnicula.
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LibraryThing member ashley5
Ralph is a very adventures mouse. he likes to go and get new things and make new friends . Ralph can talk to humans and that is not normal, and he only can because he watches a lot of tv with kids and listens to kids problems.
LibraryThing member SumisBooks
I like this book far less than the previous two. This one seemed a lot less entertaining and the boys seemed a lot meaner than in the first two books. The things the boys did to Ralph were rather cruel and mean. It almost reminded me of Lord of the Flies in a sense. Was an ok read. The author's
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sentence structure is a bit hard to follow but maybe that's just me. All-in-all I liked the first 2 books much better than this one.
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