The Battle for Skandia: Book Four (Ranger's Apprentice)

by John Flanagan

Paperback, 2009





Viking Books for Young Readers (2009), Edition: Reprint, 336 pages


After Ranger's apprentice Will battles Temujai warriors to rescue Evanlyn, Will's kingdom of Skandia joins forces with rival kingdom Araluen to defeat a common enemy.


Golden Archer Award (Nominee — 2011)


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336 p.; 7.72 inches

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LibraryThing member litlb00k
I LOVED this one - just like I have every other title in this series. The touching reunion of apprentice and master in the early pages was a highlight for me. Action packed but also strong on character this is a wonderful series.
LibraryThing member KarenBall
After escaping Skandian slavery, Will and Evanlyn have been hiding in a cabin in the mountains when they are captured by Temujai scouts. Halt and Horace arrive in Skandia and discover the border post of Skandians has been completely destroyed. They follow tracks and find Will and Evanlyn, and take
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out the Temujai scouts, but Halt comes to realize that the Temujai are actually plotting a massive invasion. Halt must join forces with the Skandians in order to repel the mighty invaders and prevent a future attack on Araluen. In the middle of all this there is still the question of Evanlyn's secret -- if Ragnak, the Oberjarl ruler of Skandia discovers that she is really the daughter of his sworn enemy, King Duncan of Araluen, he will kill her immediately in revenge for the death of his own son. Lots of battle action and strategy, and the development of the Skandian characters that were introduced in The Icebound Land. Definitely read this series in order! Grade 6 and up.
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LibraryThing member Nikkles
Anther great Ranger's Apprentice book. I find I get more and more attached to the characters as I read, which is of course good. The action is great as well, which makes it a great choice for young adults and adults a like.
LibraryThing member 9as01bev
this book is great. I lke it because it's an action/combat book. I like action/ combat book. It is a ar book
LibraryThing member 9cp02bev
this is a very good book so far and i know that it is an AR book because my friend read it and did the test
LibraryThing member TigerLMS
Will, recovering from his wormweed addiction he aquired as a slave in Skandia, tries to catch up to Evanlyn after she is captured by a roaming band of invading Temujai warriors just before she and Will were set to leave Skandia for home. Halt and Horace arrive just in time to meet up with the other
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two, and form an alliance with Erak, the once-captor who helped Will and Evanlyn escape slavery in Skandia. Like its predecessors, this is a fast-paced book full of action and suspense that will make readers anxious for more.
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LibraryThing member JRlibrary
Halt and Horace catch up with Will and Evelyn in time to rescue them from the Temujai who have captured them. They then realize that the Temjuai are going to sweep through Skandia, take the boats, and sail up the coast to Araluen eventually. Halt and Will come up with a plan to possibly help the
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Skandians survive the battle against the Temujai, but will Ragnak be willing to accept such an unlikely union between two sworn enemies? This is a well crafted story, and those who love battle scenes will not be disappointed because this is a nail-biter! I love the series - there's nothing else I can say.
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LibraryThing member knielsen83
I really enjoyed this book a lot - with the fierce battles, the teeming, almost romantic relationship between Evanlyn and Will, and I got a little teary-eyed at the end. There's nothing like a well written novel to keep you wanting more.
LibraryThing member cranbrook
Following Will and Evanlyn’s escape from slavery in The Icebound Land (2007), Halt determines that the Temujai mean to attack Araluen and decides to help the Skandians defend their land. Rejoining Halt, Will and Evanlyn become warriors in the stronghold where they had recently been captives and
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use their wits and skills to fight the common enemy. The story plunges forward with irresistible narrative drive toward the climactic battle scene. Even readers drawn to the series for its deftly drawn characters and setting may find themselves caught up in the action
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LibraryThing member lilibrarian
Halt has located Evenlynn and Will in Skandia, but finds their return to Araluenn blocked by an invasion by a warlike tribe. Suddenly they are allied with the Skandians to thwart the shared threat.
LibraryThing member emhromp2
Even better than the previous three. I just couldn't stop reading. On to book five!
LibraryThing member Mrs.Williams
Will gets together a archers group for Skandia for war and Erak becomes king.
LibraryThing member krau0098
This is the fourth book in the Ranger's Apprentice series; there are twelve books planned in this series with the tenth book, The Emperor of Nihon-Jam, released in April of 2011. This was a good book in the series and continues the story line that was started in book 2, The Burning Bridge.

Will and
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Evelyn are recovering in the cabin in the woods when things take a turn for the worse. Evelyn is abducted by a third party no one even knew was in Skandia. Will tries to save her and runs into Halt and Horace. The whole group tries to figure out what this third party is doing in Skandia, then Erak arrives and is drawn into the action. What results could be a battle that determines the future of Skadia and its neighboring countries.

This book was basically the conclusion to the story arc that started in The Burning Bridge. It ends well, finally no cliffhangers.

All of our favorite characters are in this story for the majority of it: Evelyn, Will, Horace, Halt and Erak. They are all likable and the story is engaging. This is a very solid fantasy book. This book deals more with war and strategy than previous books have.

All of our young heroes have to take on more responsibility and come up with ideas to help save Skandia; it was great to see our heroes shoulder these responsibilities with grace. Having Halt in the book for the majority of the story was great, he is my favorite character of the bunch.

The plot was again fairly predictable and a bit contrived. The way things work out and all the characters meet up is incredibly unlikely and made me roll my eyes a bit. The plot works out pretty much how you think it will at the beginning on the book. Basically this is another solid fantasy story, but not incredibly creative.

Overall a very well done addition to this series. Wraps up the story arc that started in The Burning Bridge nicely. Our characters see a lot of growth and take on responsibility and Halt is in the story a lot, so that is awesome! The characters are likable, the story engaging. If you have liked previous books you will like this one too. I am still finding these to be a little too predictable and not as creative as I would like. Still they are quick, fun reads. I plan on continuing to read the series for now. If you like this series I would recommend The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens and A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull.
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LibraryThing member runreadrepeat
Good continuation of an interesting an entertaining story. Perfect for younger teen/ tween boys.
LibraryThing member skyler.sims
Will and Evelyne have escaped the slave camp and are hiding in a small house. Horace and Halt have noticed the border guards of Skandia have been killed. The group rejoins and get captured by Skandians. They relize that the evil Temunji a western enemy plan to take over Skandia than the rest other
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countrys. The team plans to unite with the Skandians and lead them into battle. After an emence battle the Temunji warriors fall. The group then returnes to Arulean. Halts banishment is cancelled and they sign a peace treaty with the Skandians.

This was a good book and a great plot. The action was great the main battle was amazing. The best battle of the series was at the end. The build up of events was great and the end result a major battle. The book had a great end that was left open for the rest of the series. I give this book 5 stars for the great action. I hope you read it. For this is a great book.
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LibraryThing member Justin.jhar5268
The Temujai Armies are attacking Skandia and it's up to Will, Halt, Horace ,and Evalynn to defend Skandia. The Jarl, is now allies with the Araluens. Will teaches a handfull of rangers to help, and Horace practices. The temujai come but the Skandians almost lose, but the Jarl went Berserker mode
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and killed a lot. near the end of the battle, the Jarl dies and when the battles over, Erak's the the new Jarl.
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LibraryThing member br13wylar
Wyatt La Rose

This was defiantly one of the best books in the series. You learn about all of the problems that Will is going through being a slave. He does a drug called warm weed that his owner supplies. The capture of both of them did not except for them to be split up or for Will to use drugs.
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So he arranges a mission to get Will and Evanlyn out safely While this is happening Halt and Horances are battling their way through to get to them. Evanlyn and Will escape to a near by hut. They were sent there by the person who captured them in the first place. The biggest problem is getting Will off of the warm weed drug. Then when spring hits the know the hunters are going to be going to the cabin soon. At the first sign of spring when Evanlyn was checking her traps she goes back to get Will from the cabin. However for the few moments she was gone some one else came and took him. now by her self Evanlyn has to find and save Will. Or is she truly by her self.
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LibraryThing member JLsBibliomania
Another entry in the well regarded Ranger's Apprentice Series. Reading along with my 3rd grade son and enjoying the experience
LibraryThing member jmoncton
Another great book in the Ranger's Apprentice series. If you are a fan of young adult fantasy with a medieval setting, you have got to listen to this series. Can't wait until the rest of his books get published in the US!
LibraryThing member br14adro
The fourth book in the rangers apprentice book series is amazing i really don't have 1 thing that i could say that would be bad about it. the action scenes at the end and the ginormous welcome back at the end.

Book four in the rangers apprentice series is a must read although you have to read the
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three before it to get the story.
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LibraryThing member ThePageturners
The more I read the "Ranger's Apprentice" series, the more I enjoy it. "The Battle for Scandia" jumps from daring rescues and formidable enemies to brilliant ideas, and, of course, non-stop action. In this book, Flanagan adds yet another layer to this believable fantasy world and introduces a new
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race of enemies that the main characters must defeat in order to survive, while becoming friends with old enemies along the way. In conclusion, although there are a few points where the plot lacks a bit an originality, overall Flanagan delivers yet another winner with this fast-paced, quick read that will please teens as well as adults.
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LibraryThing member MomsterBookworm
This is a very action-packed story. The battle strategies were very well thought out and the scenes are depicted in a very clear manner. In reading, one could see the 'movie' in one's mind. More than that the values of chivalry, honor, loyalty, friendship... and all that is pure and noble are very
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well showcased here.
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LibraryThing member Floratina

This review contains spoilers for the first three books of the Ranger's Apprentice series.

Will and Evanlyn, with some help from Erak, have escaped slavery and drug addiction and are making plans to return to Araluen. That is, until Evanlyn gets herself kidnapped (again), and Will
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discovers an enemy of the Skandians, who is eventually interested in invading Araluen. This means he'll have to combine his powers with the Skandians so he can save Araluen and Evanlyn.

Everything from the first three books comes together in this book (Book five skips ahead in time). This means that, as there is a lot left to be tied up, it's simply action packed. Some great battles and fighting are in there. The story is very fast here and it was hard to put the book down. Luckily these books don't have too many pages, so I didn't suffer any sleep deprivation =)
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LibraryThing member Sonya.Contreras
Boys can't wait to find what happens to whom in this series. Although the endings aren't endings, it is hard to put the book down anywhere in the book.

Flanagan portrays friendship, loyalty, duty, gender roles are clear---nice to see men wanting to protect the ladies. (no super heroines doing
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impossible feats).
It was refreshing to see teenagers being respectful, working hard, being responsible and making a difference for their kingdom.
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LibraryThing member TiffanyAK
I love the world that John Flanagan created in these books, and this is certainly a wonderful installment in the Ranger's Apprentice series. Erak develops himself as a very strong new character, while Will and Evanlyn simply continue to be their likable selves. The events kept my interest
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throughout, and I tore through the book nonstop, so I definitely can't help but recommend it.
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