Sovereignty of God, The

by A. W. Pink

Paper Book, 1998

Call number

231 Pin


Carlisle, PA : Banner of Truth, 1998


This theological classic, first published in 1919, was notorious for its independent take on the Bible. In it, Arthur Pink fiercely defends the sovereignty of God against the apparent threat of the Devil. His doctrinal belief is that that God both elects and reprobates, as Romans 9:21-23 clearly teaches. "Fear not!" he admonishes. "All things are moving in accord with His eternal purpose, and therefore, all things are working together for the good of them that love God." With admirable facility and clear, simple language, Pink uses the Scriptures to answer a host of questions that may have remained unresolved in the minds of many Christians. The result is an important guide post for the recently converted as well as a strong defense against the free will of man.… (more)


Original publication date

1961 (British revised edition)
1959 (sixth edition)
1928 (first edition)


0851511333 / 9780851511337


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