Through The Looking Glass : Reflections On Christ That Change Us

by Kris Lundgaard, 1958-

Paper Book, 2000

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Phillipsburg, N.J. : P&R Pub., c2000


What makes your favorite hero shine in your eyes? Is it the courage of Indiana Jones swinging down into the snake-filled Well of the Souls? Is it the strength of Superman bringing to a screeching halt a locomotive that is bearing down on Lois and Jimmy? Is it the nobility of Shakespeare's Henry V inspiring his sorely outnumbered troops before the battle of Agincourt? Is it the wits of Sherlock Holmes dogging the trail of arch-villain Moriarty? Or is it the combination of fearlessness, muscle, dignity, and brains in Doc Savage, the consummate superhero?Whatever heroic traits pop into your mind, I suspect that obedience and suffering aren't among them. Yet it's in his obedience to God's law and his suffering the curse of that law for us that we see Christ as our conquering Hero.… (more)


0875521991 / 9780875521992



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