The World's Best Sailboats: A Survey

by Ferenc Mate

Hardcover, 1995



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Albatross (2008), Edition: 1, 282 pages


With over 100,000 copies sold, these volumes have become invaluable reference for sailors and would-be sailors alike. Using 400 magnificent color photographs and black-and-white illustrations per volume, Máté analyzes the designs and construction methods of the 30 best boat-builders in the world, builders who have, over the years, consistently shown the highest quality and most creative innovation. He visited boatyards in Europe, Canada, and the United States, for his scrupulous firsthand survey. While revealing the secrets of the best builders, he lucidly demonstrates what makes these boats the best, furnishing knowledge that can then be applied while choosing any sailboat of whatever make. Besides the perennial classics of Alden, Baltic, Hinckley and Swan, are new entries like the super-fast J-Boats and super luxurious Oysters. The color photographs are benchmarks in nautical publishing, while the writing is thoughtful, hugely informative and always entertaining.… (more)


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282 p.; 12.1 inches


0920256112 / 9780920256114

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