Singlehanded Sailing: The Experiences and Techniques of the Lone Voyagers (2nd Edition)

by Richard Henderson

Hardcover, 1988



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International Marine Pub. Co (1988), Edition: Second Edition


Singlehanded Sailing offers an account of the experiences and techniques of the lone voyagers, and penetrating insights into the psychology of singlehanders, their vessels, gear, strategies, and techniques, plus vivid accounts of emergency experiences alone against the elements. The information is absorbing in its own right, but also of obvious value to a larger audience of cruising sailors who occasionally find themselves sailing singlehanded or shorthanded. Combined with a wealth of practical information is an overriding sense of the camaraderie of the sea, and Henderson's steadying hand as a master sailor and teacher. The growing popularity of singlehanded racing has spawned a wealth of technological breakthroughs: voyagers can now avail themselves of reliable autopilots, much lighter and more efficient rigs, microprocessor navigation, and satellite weather forecasting. Boats are bigger, lighter, and faster--and the costs and stakes are higher. Singlehanded sailing is at the leading edge of sailing technology. These innovations are of major import for the larger audience of cruising and shorthanded sailors, and Henderson explores these connections thoroughly. A chapter on Singlehanding for Everyone, and a thoughtful and provocative conclusion, assess the contributions and possible future of singlehanding. Even more than in the first edition, Henderson achieves a remarkable combination--a practical how-to book that is also an eloquent contribution to the sailing literature. No better survey of singlehanded skills, boats, and hardware exists.--from the Foreword by John Rousmaniere What reviewers said about the first edition of Singlehanded Sailing: This is more than just the most authoritative work to date on solo sailing. Because it deals with people who've had to be expert seamen to survive, the book becomes, perforce, a manual of great usefulness to any yachtsman contemplating a shorthanded voyage. Read it through once for perspective. Then put it with your navigation tables for ready reference when planning your next transatlantic.--Philip S. Weld It is a distillation of the experience gained by hundreds of sailors during a century of singlehanded sailing, and a critical and technically detailed discussion of the equipment and techniques available today. Henderson writes not only for the prospective singlehander who plans to sail offshore alone, but for every cruising sailor who might find himself effectively alone, through accident, illness or the inexperience or other incapacity of his crew--and that, to me, means every cruising sailor.--John S. Letcher, Jr. It is an excellent book, and I would consider it a disgrace for any Society member not to have a copy. Do not tell me you already have Borden, and Klein, and Merrien, and Holm, and Clarke, and etc., etc., so why should you buy another book on singlehanded sailing? Because reading maketh a full man.--Richard Gordon McCloskey, Slocum Society founder… (more)


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