Are There Contradictions in the Bible? (Examine the Evidence)

by Ralph O. Muncaster

Paperback, 2002



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Harvest House Publishers (2002), Paperback, 48 pages


When it comes to tough questions about the Christian faith, believers and skeptics want clear, concise, and convenient answers. Ralph Muncaster's "Examine the Evidence" series offers brief, fact-filled presentations that include easy-to-follow charts and graphics to clarify vital points of belief. Each book provides a wealth of information about the latest scientific, historical, and archeological discoveries that help answer difficult questions about God, the Bible, and life.Some people claim the Bible has many contradictions in it. Yet the Bible continues to be the foundation on the Christian faith after nearly 2000 years. Ralph Muncaster demonstrates how careful study of the text reveals the Bible to be consistent on all major issues -- despite years of copying and translation. Muncaster tackles the most common and important alleged contradictions, exploring questions about: similarities and differences in the Gospel accounts, the reported lineage of Christ, "divergent" accounts of the resurrection, and more. Are There Contradictions in the Bible? equips readers to analyze supposed discrepancies for themselves. Skeptics and beli… (more)


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