Ministries of Mercy: The Call of the Jericho Road

by Timothy J. Keller

Paperback, 1997



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P & R Publishing (1997), Edition: 2nd, Paperback, 236 pages


This book builds a biblical foundation for works of service to the church and to the world at large.

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LibraryThing member brianghedges
This is a biblical and practical book for Christians about why we should be involved in meeting the felt needs of the poor and oppressed -- and how to do it.

The book is divided into two parts, with seven chapters in each. Part 1 lays down the principles for mercy ministries. Keller builds a
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theology of mercy by expounding the parable of the Good Samaritan, discussing the call, character, and motivation of ministry. He addresses issues such as the lifestyle of believers, how to discern where to focus our efforts in meeting needs, how to address the needs of the poor holistically, and the importance of combining deeds of mercy with evangelistic word-oriented ministry.

Part 2 is more practical and leads the reader through the process of initiating and managing a ministry one step at a time. Attention is given to preparing a church for mercy ministries, mobilizing volunteers, developing vision and strategy, how mercy ministries should relate to evangelism and church growth efforts, and practical criterion for meeting people's needs.

Two helpful features of the book are (1) the careful theological reflection woven throughout, as Keller shows how the gospel informs and shapes ministry, and (2) the many examples and illustrations of individuals, churches, and communities that have embraced mercy ministries.

The only weakness of the book is that it is somewhat dated - the second revision taking place in 1997. Perhaps the next edition will include updated statistics. But this has little impact on the overall value of this very helpful manual on how to meet the needs of hurting people in Jesus' name. I highly recommend this book to pastors and ministry teams.
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LibraryThing member lauranav
I read this as an audio book, but I expect it would be better as a hard copy with the many practical suggestions and applications.
The first part of the book does a great job of setting the biblical principals for ministering to others in mercy, avoiding some of the corruptions of ministry that goes
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to extremes. This lays a great foundation for the second part of the book, which discusses practical ways to implement ministries of mercy. I found the book convicting as this is an area where I need to do much work.
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LibraryThing member david__clifford
Keller helps us understand how mercy ministry can look from an individual or corporate (church) perspective. Insightful and helpful book.
LibraryThing member StilesIsMyBatman
Didn't enjoy this book but it was for a class so yeah
LibraryThing member wpcalibrary
Like the Samaritan who found a dying man by the Jericho road, we are aware of people in need around us; he widow next door, the family strapped with medical bills, the homeless man outside our church. God calls us to help them, whether they need shelter, assistance, medical care, or just
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Tim Keller shows that caring for these people is the job of every believer, as fundamental to Christian living as evangelism, discipleship, and worship. But he doesn't stop there. He tackles thorny issues as he shows how we can carry out this vital ministry as individuals, families, and churches.
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