God's Fool: The Life of Francis of Assisi

by Julien Green

Hardcover, 1985



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Harper & Row (1985), 273 pages


Attempts to portray the complex personality of Saint Francis, looks at his early life and influences, and discusses the rules he developed for the Franciscan order of monks.

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In intermingling biography and lore, culture and history, and sympathy with academic examination, Green accomplished a beautiful and impressive biography of Francis of Assisi. In short straight-forward chapters, Green examines Francis' short life, from beginning to end, bringing to life the world
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he lived in at the beginning of the thirteenth century. The end result is a beautiful examination of a man and his belief--not only in God, but in the wonder of the world around him and in the goodness of people. More related to simple goodness than to religion, the book explores what belief means by centering on the transformation that occurred in Francis' life, and whether the book finds readers who believe or disbelieve in the possibility of miracles, it will find a way to touch the spirit of any reader through this straight-forward and careful depiction.

Touching, smart, and detailed, this book is, very simply, worth reading.

Absolutely recommended.
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LibraryThing member brone
St Francis for real


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