St. Francis and the Foolishness of God

by Marie Dennis

Hardcover, 1970



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Norton Books, c1970, First Edition.


This truly wonderful book introduces you anew to the person of Francis--the 'truly catholic' and always contemporary saint. There will be no Christianity as usual for those who read this book."--Richard Rohr, O.F.M. "We atSojourners heartily welcom this fresh look at thePoverelloand his gentle challenge to the non-poor. Our dear friends who authored this work offer profound insights to all who find their faith and lifestyle questioned by the widening chasm between have's and have-not's."--Jim Wallis Retelling the most significant events in the life of St. Francis along with social and theological reflections for today, the authors--Catholic and Protestant--present a new picture of the ever-popular saint. Francis' way speaks most loudly to those who long to do something about inequality and poverty, about consumerism and spiritual emptiness. His spirituality combines the mystical and the earthly, liberation and faithfulness, literal poverty as well as the blessed poverty of the spirit. For everyone who has been touched by St. Francis, this book will deepen that understanding and provide a new perspective on his enduring legacy.… (more)

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LibraryThing member John5918
A good exposition of the foolishness of God, a New Testament concept which can also be found in archetypes of Christ as the jester, clown or fool. It highlights the counter-cultural message of Christianity.


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vi, 184 p.; 21 cm


0883448998 / 9780883448991

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