Spirit and Life; A Journal of Contemporary Franciscanism - True Followers of Justice: Identity, Insertion and Itienerancy Among the Elderly Franciscans

by Michael F. Cusato

Other authorsMargaret Carney (Editor), Elise Saggau (Editor), Osf (Editor)
Journal (paper), 2000





Franciscan Inst Pubs (2000), Edition: First, 160 pages


As thirteenth-century urban populations increased, the friars, entrusted by the Church with the ministry of preaching, naturally needed to go where the people were. At the same time they needed to honor their way of life, which required them to live prayerfully in fraternities, yet not settle down permanently in stable religious houses after the monastic model. Cusato and Warner present issues arising from this tension and look at how the Order did, and still does, attempt to resolve it or at least live creatively with it.


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160 p.


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