Francis and Islam

by J. Hoeberichts

Paperback, 1997



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Franciscan Press (1997), 278 pages


In the first part of this study, Dr. Hoeberichts goes back to Francis' Earlier Rule, the Regula non bullata of 1221, and especially to Chapter 16, the mission chapter, in order to determine the attitude of Francis toward Muslims and Islam. In a radical rereading of this chapter of the rule, Hoeberichts argues that for Francis, the idea of living among the Saracens and being subject to them implied a greater respect for and deference to the faith of other believers than was current in the Church at the time of the crusades or, for that matter, is today. Firmly rooted in historical scholarship, Hoeberichts' book recreates the milieu of Francis and his first brothers and brings new insights to contemporary issues of interreligious dialogue.


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