A Pilgrim in Assisi : Searching for Francis Today

by Susan Saint SIng

Paperback, 1981



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Cincinnati, OH : St. Anthony Messenger Press, 1981.


A Pilgrim In Assisi by Susan Saint Sing, Ph.D.A Pilgrim in Assisi is an invitation to experience the magic of Assisi--and to discover there the presence of Francis, still left in the streets of his city. Lay Franciscan Susan Saint Sing leads us on this meditative pilgrimage through the concrete places that memorialize the life and spirit of Francis. We share the author's impressions of Francis' childhood home, the church San Damiano where the crucifix spoke miraculously to the young Francis, Greccio where Francis began the Christmas crib tradition, the home of Clare, the cave where Francis met Jesus and saw himself for the first time, the olive trees of Mount Subasio--all so intimately a part of the life story of this great saint for all places and times. Susan Saint Sing has spoken internationally for both academic and athletic conferences in several universities and most notably in 2009, a Vatican appointment to speak to an international panel of sport administrators from Africa, Japan, Russia, South America and various other nations. Saint Sing earned her bachelor's degree in Physical Education and Fine Arts from Penn State University, her master's degree in Health and Nutrition Science and Exercise Physiology from the University of Cincinnati, and her Ph.D. in Sport History and Philosophy from Penn State in 2004. "There is more than mystique to this town. In the geography of Assisi is the landscape of St. Francis' soul."-Murray Bodo, OFM"These words are full of love for Him and for St. Francis. May they inflame many."-Catherine de Hueck Doherty… (more)



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