In His Footsteps: Living Prayer, Poverty, And Peace With Francis of Assisi (30 Days With a Great Spiritual Teacher)

by John J. Kirvan

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Paperback, 2005



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Ave Maria Pr (2005), Edition: 1st Paperback Edition, 215 pages


A journey into the heart of Francis of Assisi and his spiritual vision. Guided by the insights of his followers, the reader prays and reflects on the cornerstones of Franciscan spirituality - prayer, poverty, and peace. This work leads the readers to understand the power of Francis' spiritual way and how it can be lived.

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LibraryThing member MaryAnn12
When I was a child growing up Saint Francis Of Assisi was one of my favorites. I loved how he talked to animals back then but know I learned a whole different life about him in this book which makes me love him even more. This book is a 30 days with a Great Spiritual Teacher, Living Prayer,
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Poverty, and Peace with Francis Of Assisi. It starts with a morning reading and gives you a thought for the day phase to think about during your day and ends with a nightly reading.

I want to share with you one of the All Through the Day thought: Take me by the hand. And nightly reading is My Day Is Ending
Here in the dark silence
of this night
hear my prayer, Lord,
for that peace
which surpasses all understanding.
In this dark silence,
with your grace
as my strenght and courage,
and Francis
as my guide,
I can leave
the safe path
I always have chosen.
Instead, I can
travel with you
on a journey of wonder,
of piety,
of love, and humility,
In this journey
I know that
I am not alone.
Take me by the hand, Francis,
along the only road
that leads to the peace I seek.
Show me, Francis
The path you took.
Take me by the hand
along this road to peace.
That has been
proclaimed and given to us
by our Lord Jesus Christ,
and preached again and again
by you, my brother, Francis.

As Francis showed us, it is only with our hearts at peace that we can we hear and live the word of God. We need to pray knowing that the peace of God is a gift, but it is that is ours for the asking. Francis surrended his whole self to the presence of God. He sought not to pray, but to become a prayer.

You will get such inspiritation while reading the daily reading set before you in this book. Everyone should read about Saint Francis Of Assisi and walk in light and peace because God loves you. I was given this book from ave marie press.
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